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FREE WILL AND PASCAL’S WAGER – Catch 22 – The Atheist Experience



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  1. Everyone's saying she sounded nice but I thought she sounded condescending. Maybe it's just her accent and the way she talks. I also find it hard to believe when someone says they don't believe and then they start praying, she must've had some preconceptions that a god existed.

    I don't think she absorbed any of the points Matt said at all.

  2. @6.06 MD: "if he answers you call back and let me know what he says"Lisa: "I will, thanks guys …. bye."OMG she TOTALLY missed the thinly vailed sarcasm.You know what, I don't think she has ever called back. Lol Such a nice lady too….shame 🙁

  3. Seriously, you theists don't find the fact that you have a ridiculous imaginary friend as an adult humorous in ANY way. I mean, what makes God any different than other mythical, made up characters. There is literally ZERO difference between your 5 year old's imaginary friend and your imaginary friend. Except for the fact that the child doesn't know any better, but you certainly do. You're crazies. You see full grown men having conversations with their imaginary friend, let's call him Zack, you'd pity that person and give him a buck or two. But your delusion is somehow so much more acceptable? It is baffling, and nonsensical.

  4. The only way a free will makes sense to me is that we learn through our emotions fear guilt sorrow joy and god gave these emotions for a reason to have the power to change if you have no power to learn and change then you are in a trap maybe this is not the end here but we continue to learn after we die i believe by feeling gods love we all can change even if it is on the other side

  5. There is no free will when you cant change things and have no power to change things when the bible says that anyone will go to hell forever that means we are all in a trap why would god create anyone if he knew they would burn in hell forever that is a hopeless trap free will is a illussion

  6. what a nice woman, she seamed sincere and intelligent. I think she'll turn to atheism if I hear her speak like that, but I can't really be bothered in her case. her belief doesn't seem to stop her from being polite and thoughtful so why care? really nice to see…

  7. Christians are a trip. Their god is so powerful….. but just can't provide proof of his existence or even something close. How hard would it be to shutdown alllll electricity and cars etc….for like 2 hours worldwide. Then have no one nothing die for 48 hrs.
    This is just one lil thing for a god that supposedly created the Universe and controls every lil thing. Their god is so powerful that he needed to rest after creating everything? Has Angels and saints to do the 'mundane' things like finding keys.

  8. 2:392:50 is GOLD!!!  3:564:08 is PLATINUM!!!

    "I'm praying for you guys.  I just hope that you, you know, you see the light."  This is one of the most consistent expressions of accidental arrogance in the religious world.  It basically means, "I'll be praying that you realize I'm right."  Consciously they think they're expressing genuine love and concern, but ultimately it's an expression of self-righteousness. 

    The only more condescending thing I've ever heard is, "I feel sorry for you."  Really?  Choosing to live by Evidence rather than Faith has been one of the most liberating realizations of my life.  Then again, the sheep should pity the sheepdog.  The sheepdog is the one who puts his neck on the line to protect the sheep from the wolves…and from their own stupidity.  If not for Science, there would (ironically) be a whole lot fewer Theists.

  9. Heard God is a man with a gun to your wife telling you to believe in him otherwise he will kill your wife and telling you the choice is free will,we have various names for this: Coersion, blackmail are a phew of them

  10. Ya know, she was pretty nice. She still tried to pull him into the bullshit that he had every right not to believe, but she was a good person who was sincerely trying to help him where she thought he needed help. I can respect her.

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