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Going Backward In Time – jj

Going Backward In Time


Hello fellow GearSluts!

I’m building a new system using an old Mac Pro 5.1 (or at least seriously considering it). I’ll probably have a Thunderbolt Mod done the computer just in case I want to upgrade my audio Interface at some time down the road.

I wanted to put the idea out there and see if anyone could come up with any troubleshooting issues that I may not have taken into consideration.

One of reasons for doing this is just finances. Purchasing a new Mac Pro, a new audio interface and new plugins isn’t feasible at the moment.

APPLE MAC PRO 2012 5.1 / 12-Core 2.4 GHZ / 128GB / SM951 SSD / Radeon R9 280X 2TB

Pro Tools 9.04

I’ll be hoping to run a couple of 48″ monitor screens as well.

Any warnings? Tips?

Many thanks in advance!

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