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Kramer – Marriage is a person made jail – jj

Kramer – Marriage is a person made jail

Kramer tells Jerry what marriage is all about. Extracted from Best of Kramer compilation at http://youtube.com/watch?v=WBcskBB1eNs.



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  2. That caustic remark was rude. I'm introverted as well, and its not that I prefer talking to random people on the internet than in person. Its about more relaxation and contemplation. I'm sure an introvert has more intrapersonal skills than an extrovert, whereas the extrovert has more interpersonal skills. Don't make one sound better than the other.

  3. The problem today isn't the number of people getting divorced; it's the number getting married.
    In the past you'd die off without a woman to look after you and you needed kids to look after you when you got old.
    Get a maid, it's cheaper.

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