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Most Romantic Scene Film The Painted Veil 2006 – jj

Most Romantic Scene Film The Painted Veil 2006



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  1. This scene is far from romantic. This is the wedding night of Kitty and Walter Fayne who barely know one another, Kitty having married only to get away from her mother, not for love, and her husband knows this Walter, not wanting to force himself upon his new bride whom he knows doesn't love him, waits politely for her to give him permission to come to her bed, where she is sitting up and reading. After some awkward silence, she agrees by patting her hand on the bed (which is cut off in the video). NOT romantic. The romantic scene comes much later in the film when, after many trials, they both realize they have grown to love one another, and Walter unexpectedly rushes into Kitty's arms, and mutually they kiss passionately and make love.

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