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We commemorate the Nurses and Nurses Day. We pay tribute to the professionals. – jj

We commemorate the Nurses and Nurses Day. We pay tribute to the professionals.

We commemorate the Nurses and Nurses Day. We pay tribute to the fundamental professionals who dedicate their lives to serving others with affection.

We are relying on the people and the workers of the different sectors to move forward with our beloved Mexico; We have the tankers, electricians, teachers and of course, health workers.

We explain that our purpose is to rescue the public health system and exalt it. In the neoliberal period, privatization was committed to the subrogation of services. We do not share that point of view because, like education, it is not a privilege but a right enshrined in the Constitution.

In recent years it has not been fully achieved that the entire population accesses services. That is why we have decided to work as never before to improve the institutions that serve beneficiaries and people without social security.

We want to provide first class attention. The Institute of Health for Welfare will replace Popular Insurance. We reiterate that it is no longer necessary to be affiliated to access the medical service. Now all Mexicans have the right to receive free medical care and medications wherever they go.

Turning that into reality will take some time. We will solve four basic needs:

• Sufficient medications in hospitals and health centers, particularly in rural ones. It is up to all the people that this is achieved; We ask you to help us report acts of corruption and drug leaks.
• Sufficient staff: doctors, specialists and nurses. We will pay more to those who work in remote areas. A special university for health personnel will be created in Mexico City.
• Optimize health facilities and recover all the unfinished works that were inherited from us.
• Regularization of 80 thousand workers in the health system before the end of the sexennium.

In the meeting we made it clear that union charrismo has ended. All workers will have authentic representatives who defend their rights


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