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🔴Ep. 517: Trump Commerce Speak Tanks Shares – jj

🔴Ep. 517: Trump Commerce Speak Tanks Shares

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 517 Recorded December 3, 2019 What Phase One? When the Phase One trade deal was first announced, it was …


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  1. I disagree with Peter on this one. If you live in a small town and there are only two companies that are in your line of work. If the 2nd company offers you a raise to come work for them, how are you supposed to know the boss is a sexually inappropriate person until you work there?

  2. On one hand we're saying China is raping the US economy and on the other we say unemployment is at the lowest ever and the economy is humming along, couldn't be better. So if no China the economy would be even betterer?

  3. Peter Schiff: "Buy Gold"……

    “I would rather own all the farmland in the US than all the gold in the world.” – Warren Buffett.

    1 acre = about the price of 1 to 2 oz of gold…… 1 acre can grow quite a bit of food…..

    if inflation hits…a tomato goes up in value just as much as gold…..because after all, gold doesnt taste as good, but people with gold WILL STILL have to buy food 🙂

    "He who controls the spice"………- Dune

  4. Kinda get the feel no one cares Peters every week doomsday prediction has fallen flat for the last.. i don’t know how many years. Maybe people should wake up!! Sure if he continues every week he might eventually be right but all these failed predictions should really be a red flag for a serious investor

  5. Look up the (real) history of fractional reserve banking and private central banks understand the present. The same money masters behind both being in place are who coordinated/manipulated the essential theft of privately held physical gold from US residents to govt and supposedly Fort Knox but prior to that a massive transfer of gold to private buyers in Europe. There’s been no actual physical inventory of FK in decades. Why? There’s some excellent doc films on YT. Free. Maybe boring but worth your time.

  6. As usual Schiff gets it wrong….markets back to record highs!!!!! Gold getting monkey hammered. 11 yrs Peter repeats same thing. If you listened to him your broke! Everyone else is rich on market gains!

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