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Excited 😆 New product alert helps create superb cells/No huge scary Fuel Gun 🔫 – jj

Excited 😆 New product alert helps create superb cells/No huge scary Fuel Gun 🔫

Acrylic pouring: Fluid art Heat Gun New product, supplier link below 🥳🥳🥳 My pouring medium used for my current work is a pre mix of 70% “Elmer’s glue all”and …



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  1. Just watched this on my 52 inch tv. Amazing. Love the heat gun and will look for one for sure cause the butane torch scares me. Can’t wait to try this. Love watching you Gilly, you are so upbeat. Those Aussie sayings that you use make me laugh. What a treat you are.

  2. I love it. Your work is always beautiful. I wanted to order the heat gun but they don’t sell in the US. ☹️ I did see one on amazon that might be its equal for 19.99 so I bought it. I’ll let you know if it’s as good.

  3. I LOVE your custom color….but I would call it a sophisticated purple; a glossy eggplant. But CRIMSON I would not call it . In my area, crimson refers to a bright red (with blue undertones) yes, but it looks deep purple, almost black on the computer screen. I LOVE, LOVE the color combinations you come up with. Beautiful pieces!!

  4. I really LOVE the colors on the 1st painting you showed us. (Well, love the 2nd one too!) It would look great in my bedroom in which I have new furniture and linen colors. Thank-you for the inspiration!!! Happy New Year from Colorado – USA.

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