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Georgia wants a brand new insurance coverage system – jj

Georgia wants a brand new insurance coverage system


I have a very important issue that I think needs to be discussed in the public arena. A lot of times people are concerned about raising taxes. What I want to discuss here is something similar to that, but also different. It’s about automobile insurance.

Everybody knows that the state of Georgia requires you to have liability insurance to drive on the road. But what if the law didn’t require insurance?

The poor and hard-working people could keep all the money that they (we) are spending on car insurance and use it for better things. Look at how much money would be put back in the economy in a much healthier way.

Am I suggesting that people drive with no insurance? No, I think I have a better idea. Whenever there’s an accident, let the state pay at least what the law requires liability insurance to pay. Every driver on the road would be covered, whether they were driving legally or not. This would eliminate non-insured motorists.

Now, where would the state get the money? First, what do they do with money collected for traffic violations? That money should go for paying for the damages caused by accidents. Then, if there is a shortfall, let all of us who buy or renew our license plate pay a small tax to cover whatever damages were left unpaid by the violations money.

Of course, this would all be determined according to how many accidents occur. This should give most sensible people the initiative to drive more carefully and obey traffic laws. I can’t imagine that costing as much as liability insurance.

I’d rather pay a small tax to cover the accidents that actually happen than to pay out a big pile of money to an insurance company for an accident that could happen but may never happen.

I have written to Gov. Kemp about this matter several times but have received no response. Maybe if more people contact him and lawmakers about this, it would get his and their attention.

Lawmakers are good at sitting in their lofty offices and writing laws (at taxpayers’ expense), thus placing burdens on the poor people’s shoulders, but how good are they at helping with these burdens?

I think it’s time we raised our collective voices about this matter. If you are a concerned citizen and would like to see a better system regarding the above, the governor’s address is 206 Washington St., 111 State Capitol, Atlanta, Ga. 30334. I’d suggest you send him a copy of this letter.

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