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Lots of of peasant Social Safety members protested in Guayaquil – jj

Lots of of peasant Social Safety members protested in Guayaquil

peasant march to be developed on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 IN EVERY COUNTRY
COMPANIONS / ASPresidents of dispensaries, organizations, retirees, artisanal fishermen and basic members of the Peasant Social Security of the whole country, on behalf of and representing the national directive of affiliates to the peasant social insurance, receive a cordial greeting. I have to inform you, that on August 1, 2009, in the local of the national seminar our organization located in Latin America. With the presence of president and delegations of dispensaries, of 17 provinces, where after the debate and analysis of the critical situation that the peasant social security is going through and which is evidenced, in the shortage of drugs and supplies and materials, the lack of medical equipment and odontologist, the non-payment of the widowhood and orphanhood pension that nothing has done faust doubt and move country to pay, slowness in the process of affiliations and retirements, poor quality medical care and warmth in the hospitals of the IESS of Ecuador, negotiated in transfer of affiliates to private medical units, it should be noted that this crisis is responsible for the current authorities of the IESS and the Peasant Social Security, in front of which the following was resolved:
1.- CALL, with the urgent and obligatory character of all affiliated, retired, and artisanal fishermen who receive the health and economic benefits of the Campesino social security to the peasant provincial march to be held on Wednesday, September 16 in all the country address burdens and provincial addresses of the IESS and the Social Security farmer
2.- The March will begin at 9 am from the premises of our organization located in the streets convened by each provincial directive.
3.- Fighting platform:
a.- By supplying drugs, supplies and materials in sufficient quantities and at appropriate times.
b.- For the payment of widowhood and orphanhood pensions
c.- For quality care and warmth in the IESS hospital
d.- By efficient call center
e.- That a public contest of merit and opposition be called to execute the 129 games for doctors and dentists approved in 2007 by the IESS board of directors
f.- That the public contest of merit and position be called to fill the vacancies of nursing assistant of the country dispensaries
g.- For the creation of the peasant Social Security dispensary several premises
h.- because the coercive lawsuit against prepaid medicine and reinsurance companies that owe more than 20 million dollars to peasant social insurance is initiated.
i.- why the entrance to the labor history (IESS computer system) does not violate the current social security law
j.- For the delivery of the land to the peasants who do not have it.- for soft credits, technical assistance, training and fair prices of the products we produce and those we buy.
4.- We suggest participating in the march with rebellion and bringing the work implements of the farmer (Machete Doodle Hat), artisanal fishermen with portable fishing gear.
5.- Solidarize with the struggles of the national union of educators in favor of comprehensive evaluation as mandated by the constitution, and reject the counter-reforms to the law of teaching career approved with dedication to the congress
.6.- Centralize the economic contributions corresponding statutory to the feunasscc

We are feunasistas, and we fight for social change

Maria Lara


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