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Insurance coverage Paid Me For My Totaled Skyline | UPDATE/PLANS – jj

Insurance coverage Paid Me For My Totaled Skyline | UPDATE/PLANS

shitty situation turned not so shitty in the grand scheme



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  1. The cool thing about Washington State when you are the registered owner of the car that got in an accident and you buy it back from the insurance all you have to do is go down to the Department of Licensing and buy new plates for you don't have to get inspection

  2. She slightly crooked af frfr. I wanted to see you guys ratchet strap it to the tree or something, un-cronch the fronch. See if the front of the motor is okay. I guess it might be easier to leave it as is and let Charles cut away at it properly though. Have you jacked it up Q and looked under?

  3. You do not have to state inspection the car even after the wreck. I felt with this on my truck. It got totaled out about 2 years ago. I kept in in the buy back. And since I was the owner before it was totaled by insurance I just had to go apply for a new title. No inspection required unless you sell it. It's weird but I have a title for my truck and that's all I did.

  4. Hell yeah. Your plan is solid. If I got paid like that I'd be tryina hold on to as much as I could too. You still got 2 sick cars, and an excuse to make some baller content that I'm stoked for. Just fix it good for us, don't do it halfway.

  5. Honestly I'd part out the r32 and try and make 3k or more on it. Then just sell the ps7.3 and collect some cash. Beams will be dope and saving mad money is huge at your age. You can always pick up an r chassis or s chassis or whatever.

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