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Morning Devotion for Minors | January 6, 2020 – jj

Morning Devotion for Minors | January 6, 2020

Monday, January 6, 2020 | Morning Devotion for Minors | The Bread of Life

 "Heaven and earth will cease to exist, but my words will not be fulfilled" (Matt. 24:35).

-Now I will share a story that happened in one of the countries of Europe, at the time when it was forbidden to read or have a Bible. It was not a few years when the Bible was forbidden, it was centuries -the father began speaking that morning.
-It's good that here we live is not forbidden to have a Bible! cried Susana.
-We are fortunate to live in a country where there is freedom to have it -answered the father- One day, a mother got up very early, because it was her turn to make the rich bread that the whole family liked. He gathered the ingredients and began to prepare the dough. I was very entertaining kneading, because I wanted the bread to come out very rich, when suddenly I heard noises in the street.
They must be soldiers, he thought. Surely they are searching the houses to see who has a Bible. What am I going to do so they don't find ours? If you search, you may discover it.
"I imagine the mother was very nervous," Mateo said.
"That's right," the father continued, "what could he do?" There was no safe place to hide it. She knew very well that, upon arriving at her home, the soldiers would search every corner until they found her. So she began to pray for God to help her keep that precious Bible that the whole family loved so much. Clear! Every day they used it to learn from God's love and should not be left without it.
"Like us here at home," Susana said.
-Exact; is that the Bible is a book that we must read every day, as a family and alone. Reading the Word of God helps us to be better and happier, 'said Dad.

Your prayer: Dear Jesus, bleachers because I can read the Bible every day freely.

Did you know? The Old Testament is made up of 39 books.

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