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Pakistan beheaded by military porter? – jj

Pakistan beheaded by military porter?



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On Monday, firing between India and Pakistan was stopped along the Line of Control in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir.

But the people of the entire area are shocked by the killing of Mohammed Aslam, a 28-year-old army porter. Last Friday, Mohammad Aslam of Kasaliyan village in Poonch district was killed on the Line of Control.

When I reached Mohammad Aslam's village on Monday, it was raining heavily. His village is located barely two kilometers from the Line of Control.

The smaller the house of Aslam, the greater was the silence. The villagers are frightened when the housemates are in shock of killing Aslam. Neighbor women are sitting at Aslam's house and trying to share the grief of their parents. The worst condition is that of Aslam's wife.

Last Friday, five porters including Aslam were allegedly attacked by the Pakistan Border Action Team near the Line of Control. Then they were carrying some goods for the Indian Army. Two porter Mohammed Aslam and Altaf Hussain were killed in this attack and three others were injured.

The villages around the Line of Control remain under the strict supervision of the Indian Army. The army remains vigilant. The army has also made the road right up to the village. These villages often suffer from ceasefire violations along the Line of Control. His life is always on his palm.

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The job of Army porter is to bring their goods to the border without any uniform. They are also paid monthly.

Aslam's mother Alam B said that earlier it was not told that Aslam's body is without head. He said, "When the body came home, I could see it, but the body was not in that condition to go and see. I saw my son for the last time on Friday morning. I do not know where he went. He used to go to work due to poverty. I was not in a condition to see the dead body. ''

When asked by his mother about Aslam's work, he said, "He used to work for the army." He gave his life for the army but so far no one from the army has come in this hour of grief. Neither a leader came. I want a son back. The army was responsible for my son.

Aslam's father Mohammad Sidique said, "I went for some work. The younger son called me and asked me to come home. When I reached home, I was told that some army men have been injured on the outskirts. After this we reached the spot from the village. People there said that they were crying for help during the attack but no one came forward. My son did not have a head. They had left with it. what could I do?''

I asked him who took away his head? He said, "Pakistan took it." Pakistan can do this. Who can do this at the place where this happened? It was only Aslam's earnings that the entire family was maintained.

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Siddique said that for the last four years his son was working for the army. He says, "It is true that my son was a porter but he was working more than any regular jawan." When Aurangzeb was killed by the people, he was respected but my son was ignored. Army porter also works only for the army. The government should teach the enemy a lesson, but I know it will not happen.

Aslam's wife Nasima Akhtar told the BBC, "Even after death, I couldn't even see my husband's face." Its pain will be lifelong for me. I have two children. How will they be brought up now?

Aslam's uncle said, "If the army cannot save the lives of its porters, how will it protect the country?"

A wounded porter said, "We were carrying luggage and then the landmine suddenly burst." Earlier three people came in army uniform. A porter fell to the ground. Aslam started looking at me. All three grew towards a porter and said cut off the neck. He kept pleading with folded hands and said leave it. After this they shot him. After that he moved towards Aslam. Then army goods were tied on Aslam's shoulder. Asmal was very scared. Took him from there into the dense forest and separated his body from the body. ''

Deputy Commissioner of Poonch Rahul Yadav said, "This is the first time a common citizen has been beheaded." The people who are doing coolies for the army are the common people. Earlier, no general citizen was born in Sirklam Jammu and Kashmir. I always say that those who live on the outskirts are soldiers without uniform. "When asked by Pakistan's Border Action Force, they said that this is the subject of investigation."

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