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Prince Harry and Megan's want acquired with the British Queen – jj

Prince Harry and Megan's want acquired with the British Queen


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Queen Elizabeth of Britain has given her grandson Prince Harry's decision to agree that he wants to spend time with his wife Megan in Canada and Britain independently, apart from the role of the royal family.

The Queen of Britain has said that she fully supports the will of Prince Harry and his wife Megan, but it would be better for both to remain full-time members of the royal family.

He has expressed hope that a final decision will be taken in the coming days.

In fact, through an unexpected statement on Wednesday, which was also posted by Prince Harry on his Instagram page, the two had expressed their desire to live independently of the royal family.

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What does it mean for Prince Harry and Megan to leave the royal life?

In the statement, he said, "We want to withdraw from the status of senior member of the royal family and work for our financial freedom." But with this our support to the Queen will continue. ''

He said that both of them will now live in both Britain and North America. He said in the statement, "This geographical balance will help us raise our son with the royal ways in which he was born." This will also give us this space so that we will be able to focus on a new chapter in life and will also get the opportunity to launch our new charitable institution. "

Only after this statement, senior members of the royal family are constantly talking to Prince Harry and Megan.

The statement issued by the Queen said that in the process of negotiation, Prince of Wales i.e. Prince Charles and Duke of Cambridge i.e. Prince William is also involved and this conversation has been very positive.

The Queen has said, "I and my family are completely with the wishes of Harry and Megan who want to pursue a new life as a young couple."

  • Harry and Megan do not want to be senior royal members
  • What is the reason behind Prince Harry and Megan's decision?

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