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DPVAT 2020 refund might be over the web: know find out how to do it – jj

DPVAT 2020 refund might be over the web: know find out how to do it


From next Wednesday (15), resource for the request will be available on site. Money will be deposited in the checking or savings account of the vehicle owner.

The refund request for those who paid the highest DPVAT 2020 will be made over the Internet, said the Insurer Líder, the insurance company managing compulsory, this Friday (10). The feature will be available from next Wednesday (15).

IPVA 2020: see calendar and how to consult values ​​by state and in DF
After submitting the request through the system, compensation for the difference in amounts will be made to the vehicle owner's checking or savings account within 2 business days, said the DPVAT manager.

After barring the reduction of DPVAT values, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) reversed the decision, releasing the lower values. However, the payment with the highest values ​​had already been made by some drivers.

Understand the 'come and go' DPVAT
In November, President Jair Bolsonaro issued a provisional measure to extinguish DPVAT from 2020;
The government stated that the decision was aimed at preventing fraud and extinguishing the high costs of supervision and regulation;
Susep stated that DPVAT was inefficient and that "there was huge corruption";
Insurer Líder countered criticism and said it expanded fight against fraud;
The extinction of DPVAT was related to political disputes with Luciano Bivar, who operates in the insurance segment;
On December 19, the Supreme Court suspended the provisional measure and resumed the DPVAT;
On December 27, the National Private Insurance Council (CNSP) defined the new DPVAT amounts, with reductions of up to 86%;
On December 31, the STF suspended the rule that reduced DPVAT insurance, in an injunction;
At the beginning of 2020, Susep raised new questions to Seguradora Líder pointing the use of DPVAT resources at the end of the year;
On January 9, STF Minister Dias Toffoli stepped back and maintained the reduction in the value of DPVAT insurance.

DPVAT 2020 reimbursement for those who paid the most expensive amount will be over the internet – Photo: Divulgation / Military Road PoliceDevat 2020 refund for those who paid the most expensive amount will be over the Internet – Photo: Divulgation / Military Road Police
Refund of DPVAT 2020 for those who paid the most expensive will be over the internet – Photo: Divulgação / Military Road Police

How to claim compensation?
The Leading Insurer said that the refund may be requested from January 15th through the website At 14h00 on January 10th, the site was down.

According to the manager, the difference in value will be made by depositing directly into the checking account or savings account of the vehicle owner.

To make the request, you will need to inform:

CPF or CNPJ of the owner;
Renaram from the vehicle;
Contact e-mail;
Contact phone;
Date the highest payment was made;
Amount paid;
Bank, Agency, and Checking account or owner's savings account.
The compulsory insurance manager said the landlord will receive a protocol number for tracking the refund on the same website. Líder's forecast is that, after registration, the refund will be made within two business days.

The São Paulo Consumer Protection Protection Foundation (Procon-SP) considered that the use of electronic media facilitates the process to get the money back, but emphasizes that the mandatory insurance manager cannot retain the values ​​of those who do not speak up. .

"This would characterize misappropriation – resources that do not belong to it. So, in a second step, the company should take the initiative to look for consumers who did not manifest in order to return the excess amounts paid to them," said Fernando Capez , Executive Director of Procon-SP.

What if I paid DPVAT 2 or more times?
For those who have paid DPVAT for some reason two or more times, the refund request should be made by the address

Vehicle fleets
For owners who own vehicle fleets, the claim for reimbursement must be made by e-mail restituicao.dpvat@seguradoralider.com.br.

See DPVAT 2020 values:
Car, taxi and rental car: R $ 5.23 – 68% reduction; it was $ 16.21 in 2019;
Mopeds: R $ 5.67 – 71% reduction; it was $ 19.65 in 2019;
Trucks: R $ 5.78 – reduction of 65.4%; was R $ 16.77 in 2019;
Buses and minibuses (without freight): R $ 8.11 – reduction of 67.3%; was R $ 25.08 in 2019;
Buses and minibuses (with freight): R $ 10.57 – 72.1% reduction; was $ 37.90 in 2019
Motorcycles: R $ 12.30 – reduction of 86%; was $ 84.58 in 2019.
(Final values ​​with the rates)

Details about DPVAT – Photo: Arte / G1Details about DPVAT – Photo: Arte / G1
Details about DPVAT – Photo: Arte / G1


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