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Setup FTP to Your Native Apache Internet Server – jj

Setup FTP to Your Native Apache Internet Server

Setup FTP to Your Local Apache Web Server This video shows you how to setup FTP server and an FTP client using zFTP server3 and Core FTP Lite. Now you …



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  1. we have been looking into some massive and critical upgrades to our network and so I have been extremely busy over this past 3 days (this day being the busiest) but tomorrow will be even busier, I know it can be frustrating waiting for answers but I try too look at the mail as it comes in.

  2. Hi, Admin does not have a home DIR as defalt. you should make a user with a home area. Do not call it admin as i find it can cause some problems. If your DIR is in your documents in vista or 7 there might be a security issue here, that is why I use C web.

  3. the program used to make the speech sound track was called TextAloud. you will need to install SAPI4 and the TTS engine with 10 L&H
    American English voices. all this can be found at nextup web site. if you want an allternative to TextAloud you could try Dspeech but you will still need to install SAPI4 and the TTS engine. I do not know if Dspeech works on windows vista and 7, but textaloud an all addons work on windows 7.

  4. WHAT!?

    This is a web server. Here I am installing an extra server (the FTP server) so I can transfer my files or folder onto it with out having to walk to the server in the other building. I do not know where you got this runescape or frugooscape stuff from!


  5. there is only one ftp server and one ftp client used in this video. the server is called zFTP server 3 and this is installed onto your web server computer, the client is called core FTP and you install this on a difrent computer (so you can send files to your server from that computer).

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