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CAA: What did Jignesh Mevani say on Modi-Shah in Bihar? – jj

CAA: What did Jignesh Mevani say on Modi-Shah in Bihar?


Jignesh mevani

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Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani on Thursday participated in a rally in Bihar against Araria against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Citizenship Register (NRC).

Jignesh Mevani, in his speech here, targeted the Modi government at the Center regarding CAA and NRC. He said, "This is the land of Phaniswarnath Renu. That of Renu who wrote a sloppy Aanchal seeing the condition of his era. If Renu were today, I would have written a muddy intention in place of this fascist government of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah."

The rally was held at Azad Academy in Araria, about 350 km from Patna. A large number of people gathered in it.

This area of ​​Azad Academy grounds is located among the Muslim majority population. Azad Nagar and Mir Nagar are the two major neighborhoods around it.

Deepak Das, one of the organizers, said, "We are the first to register a protest against the black law like CAA and NRC. Former IPS officer Kannan Gopinathan came with us. He toured the entire area. Different districts. Went in. Have been communicating with people since January 5. Waking people up. The people of "Hum Hain Bharat" are a group of awake people. "

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Shaheen Bagh in Araria

Social activist Rupesh Kumar from Patna said, "Those people who have come here are those who have suffered the recent floods. They have come from far-flung villages. There are many people who have ruined everything It has been done. Now it was the responsibility of resettling the house. It was time for farming. But this black law of the government has brought everyone on the road. People are realizing that if they are not standing now, then the country Will come to an end, the constitution will end. "

Rupesh further says, "There was protest at the time when Aadhaar was being made. But later we were all forced to get it made. We bowed down. We made it up. But this time the constitution is concerned. It is not just a question of identity. This time do not bow down. "

In this rally, the protests in Shaheenbagh, Sabzibagh and Phulwari Sharif of Patna were repeatedly mentioned.

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Neeraj Priyadarshy / BBC

A big rally will be held on February 29

It was also repeated many times from the stage that on February 29, the biggest rally ever will be held at Patna's Gandhi Maidan. Kanhaiya Kumar will also attend that rally.

Ashish Ranjan, a member of the Co-ordination Committee for these events, said, "Our aim is to connect at least five lakh people to the rally in Patna. Purnia's meeting and today's rally can be called its beginning. Every district and every block Till then we will go among the people, make dialogue with them and connect them with ourselves. Right now, the government has to take out campaigns and trips to support it. Is. "

JNU student leader Priyanka Bharti addressed the rally. He said, "The voice of India is awake now. It will give a new message to the world. It will be recorded in the history how the women who have kept the stove and the householder have come on the streets to save the constitution of the country." . "

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Neeraj Priyadarshy / BBC

Campaign will run at village and block level

Ladia Farzana and Chanda Yadav, students of Jamia Millia Islamia, told the story of the police victimization during the Jamia violence.

A sit-in demonstration has been going on in Araria since December 5 against the Citizenship Amendment Act and NRC. Hundreds of people gather from 10 am to 8 pm.

Deepak Das says, "On January 22, we will end this strike. A huge public meeting will be organized on that occasion too. After that we will go out to make people aware at the village and block level. The Araria people have saved the constitution The voice for which will be recorded in history. "

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