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Contemporary Prince – Pool Corridor Hustle – jj

Contemporary Prince – Pool Corridor Hustle

The best scene ever

I do not own the rights to this video they are owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment.


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  1. So two issues 1 unless they're playing slop Uncle Phil didn't call out any of his shots especially the one with the four Banks and 2 why the guy pay him $900 Uncle Phil was originally in debt to the guy $400 in reality Uncle Phil should have only received $500

  2. Reminds me of my childhood in the 70's. My pops and I spent a lot of time in a little hole in the wall pool hall run by his friend Old Coot (place also had working ladies upstairs and gambling in a secret room, craps and cards mostly and people did get beat-up, stabbed etc). I remember being about 6 yrs old and drinking root beer from the bottle and pretending I was a mack because I was up in there with all the cool, shady people (also a lot of those working ladies were shall we say 'under contract' with my uncle Ray – a pimp, and would give me hugs and kisses, calling me their little nappy headed boy). There was this old man who would call me over to a back table to play checkers and he would cheat his ass off and take all my pennies but I'd already been told by my pops and old coot to just let him win. I kind of miss those days.

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