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Govt making ready to extend insurance coverage cowl on Financial institution deposit: Sources – jj

Govt making ready to extend insurance coverage cowl on Financial institution deposit: Sources

Sources: Indian Govt preparing to increase insurance cover on Bank deposit.

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  1. Proper check also must on debtors of coop.banks and also PSBs. Dont leave any borrower not repaying their loans. Timely, regular follow up of these borrowers is needed. Any normal man is ashamed if a lender ask him to repay.

  2. Why not the insurance premium deducted from the INCOME TAX of 10% we are paying on interest of our deposits? DICGC will have sufficient funds to compensate 100% of the depositors money.
    Every day banks dont burst. Trouble with coop.banks can be handled smoothly without loss to our deposits. Govt. RBI must now think and decide a concrete solution to retain trust of the common man.

  3. Again, bank depositors money is not safe. 100% of our deposits must be insured. Reduce premium of insurance, insurance of entire deposits is a must. Common man can not afford to loose their money. Banks are in trouble not because of depositors but the borrowers. Borrowers not repaying their loans, RBI, Bank officials, Politicians are all greased well. So no vigilent care taken to recover the loans. In all these, whats the fault of depositors? 10% income tax deducted from interest of all the deposits. Even Recurring deposit interest is charged of IT. Inspite of paying all types of taxes levied by the GOVT. , our money in the banks are not at all safe. Why,why,why? Is there anyone to answer us?

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