India willl invite Pakistan on SCO Summit, what’s going to Imran do? India performed masterstroke by inviting PAK, what’s going to Imran, who opposes all over the place, do now?


new Delhi: Pakistan will also be invited to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference to be held in India later this year. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar gave this statement. At the same time, the Ministry of External Affairs lashed out at Pakistan for raising the Kashmir issue in the United Nations. At the same time, India also advised China. There may not have been any change in India's foreign policy regarding Pakistan, but today the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Ravish Kumar has said that all the members in the SCO which is going to host in India which is going to host SCO's conference. Nations will be invited. Pakistan is also a member of this organization and will obviously invite Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan to India.

However, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar also said that he does not know what will happen next, but he can definitely say that all the members of the SCO are going to invite India. India is going to host SCO only at the end of the year, so will Pakistan join it is also a big deal? India has always been saying that terror and dialogue cannot happen simultaneously with Pakistan. Due to this, even the conference of SAARC could not be held till date.

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India and Pakistan became full-time members of SCO only in 2017. Shanghai cooperation organization has 8 member countries. Among them, China, Russia, India as well as Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are also members. The important thing is that after the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir, Pakistan has been continuously trying to raise this issue on the international stage and has had to face it continuously. Pakistan has tried to hold closed-door discussions in the United Nations twice with the cooperation of China, but both times the Chinese effort also failed and Pakistan was troubled by it separately.

Pakistan has also stopped trade with India. Tension on the border is increasing separately. In such an environment, this statement of India's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar is very important.

However, in terms of diplomacy, you can also call it the masterstroke of India because all the member nations have been involved in the SCO's conference so far in which both Pakistan and India have been.

India has now put the ball in Pakistan's court, saying that they have sent this invitation to Pakistan too. At a time when Pakistan is constantly opposing India, it is not easy to accept India's invitation to raise the Kashmir issue on every platform. It would be more difficult to dismiss him there. So now it is for the Prime Minister of Pakistan to decide how he plays the masterstroke of India.

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