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Labor has 'utterly modified its place' on the cashless welfare card – jj

Labor has 'utterly modified its place' on the cashless welfare card

Social Services Minister Anne Ruston says she is “disappointed” Labor has “completely changed their position” on the government’s expansion of the cashless welfare card – calling for it to be made voluntary.



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  1. Robo debt is bullshit, the government computer can’t work out different pay amounts every fortnight when computer works on average wage that information comes from ATO not Centrelink which it should to verify. When you want access Centrelink details that were process, you can’t because half is blackout for unknown reasons n using pay slips, what pays slips as there are business out there that don’t give payslips or business has close it books you cannot access pay details yeah this what I face 3 years different Centrelink people trying work out basic maths. The Robo is bad business practice and if like us the ATO wouldn’t put up with BS, there’s no fair transparency, first letter they talk BS instead of getting to bottom of problem the next letter they accuse you n final letter before even have chance to sort problem out the debt collectors demand repayment. Unprofessional the government has acted bringing Robodebt in🖕Scotty.

  2. GM foods are not about choice. They rob farmers and ordinary people of the ability to grow their own foods when GM crops destroy the ability for non GM crops to be grown due to factors like superbugs and superweeds that develop as a result of GM crops.

  3. ruston's first sentence is all about giving people choice, well, that's what a voluntary uptake of cashless welfare would be – choice, which is the only acceptable way to proceed with any of this "technology" which is really about grooming everyone, welfare and, eventually, waged, for income controls

  4. How about we trial it with 7 figure people first. How about you two bozos volunteer? Since you are so sure people would trip over themselves to go cashless, put your money where your lecherous mouth is Kenny and let us know how it goes after a few weeks or so. You're not fooling anyone you crooks. Trial and normalize it on the poor before moving over to the middle class.

    Anyone who thinks this Authoritarian idea is fine because it is "just welfare people" needs to pull their heads in and stop viewing it through judgemental eyes because that way of thinking is how these scumbags see the middle class. Give them the chance and we're all on the chopping block, it's just a matter of who's first. No tangible assets means your credits can be frozen, taken, "disappear" at any time. That's without the risks of hackers, look at their botched online medical records system recently. You really want these luddites rolling out something similar to that or the cruddy job they did on the NBN to "caretake" the sweat from your brow?

  5. Alcohol is the elephant in the room in relation to the cashless welfare card. This of course is in the too hard basket, so instead of incurring the wrath of the liquor industry much easier to penalise all with the prospect of catching a few. Not that I have the solution, only the cause. It is a difficult one.

  6. They have all had plenty of time to talk, enough is enough. This has been years of mismanagement and self benefited corruption.

    A better life for Australians now, we've been here long enough and done the yard's towards that, not for it all to be hijacked and fraudulently manipulated and unnecessarily dumping any excess if any into illegal immigration.

    Australia first.👏

  7. Huge success he and she says. Rubbish, the card has been a complete failure when rolled out in other countries. In fact it has created a black market economy and depleted the incomes of those with addiction . Sometimes Sky is worse than the ABC.

  8. Label GM products clearly, and watch the market reject then wholesale. Provide legislative safeguards that GM crops won't cross contaminate neighbouring crops, along with crippling penalties for those who grow GM crops without containment

  9. I would never embrace someone else having control of my wallet….only politicians would believe this isva good thing for people and thier consumer spending. You suck believing rhis is helpful. ..its controlling at its finest…we want you to have money…but only if you spend it the way we the government want.fark off

  10. Drought not having an impact, its the neglegent, incompetent s of the goverment with miss management of h2o which has compounded the impact of drought……just pathetic management with no idea what they are doing…

  11. Lol. Putting people in shackles helps them better manage their safety,..banning all motor vehicles will help people better manage NOT dying on the road….

    Man Sky News is in with the globalists. Let's make them wear yellow stars while we're at it and give them microchips so we can know where they are AT ALL TIMES…..for their own safety of course.

  12. GM food poisons people all the studies show it cause infertility and other health issues. Look it up. Again section 100 of the constitution and 109 if a law conflicts with the constitution the constitution prevails

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