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Nitin Gadkari takes on bureaucrats over street security council assembly | Officers not doing the best factor needs to be punished on the crossroads: Nitin Gadkari – jj

Nitin Gadkari takes on bureaucrats over street security council assembly | Officers not doing the best factor needs to be punished on the crossroads: Nitin Gadkari


new Delhi: In the meeting of National Road Safety Council and Transport Development Council, Road Transport and Highway Minister Nitin Gadkari looked very aggressive. The reason for this anger of Gadkari was the lack of road accident in the country. Gadkari said that today we are number one in the case of road accident in the country. One and a half million people are dying every year in an accident. Something has to be done for this. More people are dying on road accidents in the country than those who do not die in incidents of terrorism or Maoism.

Gadkari warned, "Officers who are making a mess in road engineering are the biggest culprits. They make a defective project report with flaws, they should stand up and be punished at the crossroads. These people without real from Google Know the situation, make a report. Sit at home and make work from there. Those who work on the road do not go to the road, they sit from home working They are like farming, but sitting at home. Such people need to be hammered because it is very important to improve the system. Such people are stuck in different kinds of obstacles. This stops work, makes people fall into it, People die. That is why people who are not improving the system should be photographed and put on it. They should give their number in the newspapers so that people know that people are dying because of them. In the end, the people we are only castigation we are asking, is also our responsibility. That's why you must work on it. "

Nitin Gadkari has admitted that in 5 years there has not been a reduction in the road accident prevention. The figure says that 0.46% of road accidents have increased in the last five years.

To prevent road accidents, the government also amended the Motor Vehicle Act, in which the penalty was increased for violating the rules. On this, Nitin Gadkari told the transport ministers from different states- "The law that is made has both compoundable and noncompoundable provisions, under the compoundable provision, states can reduce the amount of penalty on their behalf because keeping in mind the next 4 decades Changes have been made in the work, in which the value of today's five hundred rupees will then be greatly reduced. That is why the provision of minimum and maximum penalty Is. But most states have come maximum provisions do not provide for that to be implemented soon. The maximum penalty for the increase repeatedly fined in Parliament. "

However, the Union Minister said that if any state has problems under non-computable provisions, we can consider it again in Parliament.

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Tamilnadu model
Nitin Gadkari said that Tamil Nadu is the only state which has succeeded in reducing accidents and deaths. In 2017, 16,157 people died in Tamil Nadu. In 2018, 12,216 people have died. Avoiding the death of about 4000 people is a big figure in India. It is now being suggested to adopt the Tamil Nadu model across the country.

With this said that work is being done to eradicate black spots in the country by applying Rs 14 thousand crore. The black spot is where there are more accidents. NGOs and university students have been asked to go to the black spot and explain the cause of the accident and possible prevention to the agencies concerned. This will ease the accident.

Apart from this, people are being advised that it is necessary to check the eyes of their drivers. It is often seen that drivers are not able to remain alert to their eyes due to many reasons, so major accident or untoward can be avoided by checking them periodically. The work of giving driving license and fitness certificate has been computerized, work is being done without discrimination, 1,000 such training stations are going to be opened in the country. Apart from this, a lot of things are being done online through e-governance. At the same time, with the help of IIT Madras, the work of data management of road accidents is being done.

By the way, the government's data shows that 36% of the accidents are on NHAI while on the state highways there are 26% of accidents. Nitin Gadkari told that in the coming time, the accident will reduce by 50%. For this, the government has started working on new schemes.

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