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Rockhounding close to Ottawa – Mines, Highway Cuttings and Mineral Deposits in Ontario – jj

Rockhounding close to Ottawa – Mines, Highway Cuttings and Mineral Deposits in Ontario

In this video on Rockhounding near Ottawa, Jeff and I take a short rockhound road trip to a number of road cuttings, mines and mineral deposits near Ottawa, …



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  1. On 416 in Nepean there is rock cut of limestone that is very stratified. Do you know date of that rock? Sea of Champlain deposits or older? There is an 8 inch dark band Im always curious about.

  2. Ah cool! I live just down the road from Kingdom mine and take my ATV through the there every now and again. I went looking for the mine shafts one day but never found anything. I'll have to look harder next time since I didn't even find the cement structures that you uncovered. Great videos and I loved your books!

  3. Wow, you have a really cool hobby! Do you sell these stones? What is the most expensive ones you have found? My hobby is foraging for wild food including gourmet, and medicinal mushrooms, wild garlic etc…

  4. I enjoyed the video and was curious to see what you looked for in the road cuts and while exploring a new site.  I liked seeing the deer at the end of the video.  They looked healthy and pretty.

  5. Hi Mich. I posted about a year or so back about a geode I found in a farmers rock pile and wasn't sure what it was. My knowledge since then has grown immensely about geology and gemmology. I found that geodes are very uncommon around the area and after tons of research I found that it must be a broken off vug from a glacial deposit and was rounded during its process to get to where I found it. The crystals inside consist of green apatite, galena, and a dewdrop diamond quartz formation. That being said I have collected some world class bright orange and yellow (being the most valuable colours) sphalerite crystals (upwards of 60 carrots) with impeccable transparency and vitreous look with some of the larger 400-600 carrot rough gems being translucent and fairly vitreous.
    Some of my nicest pieces come right from a local place that people walk by every day and wouldn't even know it. I also have Cleophane and Marmatite (Var. Sphalerite) Lots of tri-coloured and multicoloured facetable gems with some BLUE, and what looks like sulphur coloured sphalerite. I have not shown anyone my collection but it is upwards of over 10000 rough gems I have collected from last year. Along with that I have found some world class Macrasite crystals (Var. Iron Pyrite) with some nice rainbow formations. This is all because I watched A video on youtube, (which happen to be yours:) and now is a full blown addiction. I would love to show you my collection and maybe get some insight on quality of the gems. Maybe take you to one of my collecting sites for a video?

  6. wow – there's usually still a good foot of snow up near ottawa in march – I have a lot on Josie Lane in Deep River – lots of interesting geology between ottawa and mattawa east of algonquin along the ottawa river –

  7. I was out last week just a little north of Ottawa and found a lovely vein of Scapolite in a road cut. It has a nice bright orange glow. I'll be going back soon to see if there are any larger crystals or red colours close by 🙂

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