Steve Cotter: Science of Kettlbells – Push Pull Sequence – Observe Alongside Exercise Program

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The Science of Kettlebells Push-Pull Series is Shihan’s all-new follow-along workout program developed by Kettlebell training extraordinaire Steve Cotter. The science behind the Push-Pull system is based on a series of highly specialized workouts. Each one utilizes a unique system of Pushing and Pulling movements creating the ultimate physique of functional strength and power!

This highly effective training concept evolved when Steve Cotter recognized the problems that existed from over training vertical lifts (cleans, snatch, press) and neglecting the horizontal movements in Kettlebell and weight lifting. This common training approach can create kinetic chain weaknesses that can lead to training plateaus and quite often injury. Steve continually witnessed lifters who were unable to reach their full potential due to imbalanced training and muscle development.

By equalizing your training with pushing and pulling movements in the upper-body, lower-body and core, you can create a more powerful physique that will enable you to train harder and make continued gains in strength and endurance! Not only will you build more functional strength, you will witness impressive gains in the core Kettlebell lifts like the snatch, clean and press.

Steve’s own personal gains with the Push-Pull method were so impressive that he has now incorporated this system into his IKFF seminars, personal client training and his work with athletic programs. Now this incredible system is available on DVD as Steve Cotter teaches you the proper technique of each and every lift in the entire Push-Pull system. You even get to follow along with the guru himself during each and every workout you do!


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