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Teenagers within the Universe (1974) film – jj

Teenagers within the Universe (1974) film

Teens in the Universe (Russian: Отроки во вселенной, translit. Otroki vo vselennoy) is a Soviet 1974 science fiction comedy film directed by Richard Viktorov …



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  2. Very clever and entertaining! The film must have been in production for at least a year or two, as the teenagers obviously grow during the course of the film – you can see it primarily in their faces and hair. As a comedy, you know there'll be a happy end, but the twists and turns keep the pace moving.

  3. This is a discussion about Marxist Utopia. Something that never happened because those controlling the process never wanted to let go and created miserable tyranny. It is a moral question only Liberalism can solve, but that means allowing the controlled to be represented. It is also a dynamic system where Utopia is a dream to be achieved by maximizing happiness to the greatest effect and not a materialist paradise. We today see today a materialist paradise will likely make humanity extinct.

  4. 38:19
    To communicate with Cassiopea, just use a telephone! Who would have thought of this?
    No powerful Energy source is needed, no complex equations required!
    The idea comes from a famous astronomer from the 1960's…
    Who's the astronomer? What's the idea?

  5. At 22:34, the exobiologist reports the atmosphere (according to the English subtitles) as "O2 – 21%, H2 – 78%, CO2 – 1%." 78% HYDROGEN? They'd die in agony as soon as they tried to breathe it, and the entire atmosphere would either explode like a giant Hindenberg if there was ever a single spark, or reduce to water and other stuff. Any Russian know if she says N2 (i.e. an Earthlike atmosphere) instead of H2?

  6. unbelievable !! i remember seeing this movie when i was like 5 🙂 even after those years i was able to describe it to google the way it found its name… and youtube has taken care of the rest! thank you uploader

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