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"Your child's wire blood is a extraordinary present. " ——- CordTrack Video 004B – jj

"Your child's wire blood is a extraordinary present. " ——- CordTrack Video 004B

Doctors choose CordTrack because we want the best for our patients and their families. We know this can be an overwhelming time for mothers full of lots of exciting new decisions to be made. Most new mothers don’t know they are carrying life-saving cord blood stem cells that can be used to protect the health of their own family or the save the life of another family in need. Doctors partner with CordTrack for many reasons. One of the most important is that they specialize in BOTH public and private banking. Plus, whether you choose to donate your cord blood or privately bank it for your own family’s future use, CordTrack provides a superior service.

Families choose CordTrack because we all want the best for our children and often don’t have the time to consider all the options. That’s why CordTrack makes their staff available to answer any questions you have about donating or privately storing your baby’s cord blood. CordTrack is a complete solution regardless of which option you choose. The innovation behind CordTrack is the direct result of a parent just like you who found out too late all that he needed to know about cord blood storage. This experience for the founder of CordTrack began what is now a best of breed cord blood stem cell storage solution.

You can feel safe with CordTrack knowing they promise each and every patient 100% satisfaction. CordTrack’s practices have been developed with an awareness of the emotional vulnerability of pregnant women and their families. In their efforts to minimize the effect of this vulnerability on cord blood-banking decisions, they are the only company in the industry that offers a full Clinical Guidance Guarantee. In other words, if you feel you were not properly informed to make an educated decision for your family when enrolling in our cord blood storage program, you have one full year after your baby is born to let CordTrack know and they’ll refund your money, less the lab fee. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your decision is risk free during this overwhelming time in your life.

For a detailed personalized cord blood journey, Register on your right and remember, at any time, you can feel free to call and speak with one of CordTrack’s trained cord blood counselors. It’s free and they’ll be able to answer all your questions. Please don’t wait until the last minute. There are time considerations when choosing to bank privately or donate publicly. Whatever you do, please don’t miss this extremely important one-time chance; don’t let your baby’s precious cord blood end up in the trash. Call 855-22-MY-CORD now.


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