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🇲🇾 Malaysia – Prime Minister Addresses Common Debate, 74th Session – jj

🇲🇾 Malaysia – Prime Minister Addresses Common Debate, 74th Session

Mahathir bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, addresses the general debate of the 74th Session of the General Assembly of the UN (New York, 24 – 30 …


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  1. Mahatir Mohamed failed to mention that it was Pakistan who invaded Kashmir in October 1947 and has been forcibly occupying 37,000 sqkm of land called Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (Azad Kashmir + Gilgit Baltistan) since then. The princely state acceded to India as a result of the armed invasion by Pakistan.

  2. As being Malaysian am very proud of him..even so touch with all the complimentaries all over the world…proud to be Malaysian..well done TUN…bcoz of u the world recognise Malaysia…braviest, intelligent and may Run have a long life…we need u..

  3. Sir. Mr. Malaysian biggest Leader pls study the history. INDIA NEVER INVADEDED J&K. And Pls study UN resolutions on J&K.
    FYI Please read th UN resolution on J&K before u can make such comment.. Now it is no more after effective on abrogation of Article 370 in J&K by Republic of India and signed by my President of India. it is our internal matter. Finally you can keep Zakir Naik as a pleasure or Headache or give it INDIA and will take care of him. But at last we Indian love Malaysia.

  4. Sorry to sound harsh but it is strange to see so many Indians in Malaysia.indian Hindus hate Muslims and are committing all sorts if atrocities in India including lynching people even children in broad daylight for being Muslim. Besides genocidal riots like Gujrat. These people hate Muslim culture and will harm Malaysia.

  5. India are no longer friends with Malaysia.. This is why i hate Indians people talking like nonsens and lied when they live longer in our country.. please send this people back to India!! We dont need more indias in Malaysia 😡😡

  6. Brave and attacks how long will last Mahathir attacks he become sacrifice goats for Pakistan Malaysia going lose heavy lose another Pakistan suffering now how wealth Pakistan now become bangrap c nation all extremism involvement

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