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Ascend to Aneto (3,404 m) safely – Aneto Seguro – jj

Ascend to Aneto (3,404 m) safely – Aneto Seguro

The guides of the Association of Guides of the Benasque Valley tell us everything there is to know before starting your ascent to the Aneto in summer conditions: usual routes and schedules, technical difficulties, (glacier, Muhammad Bridge, high mountain), necessary material, general safety aspects and a final self-assessment section to know if we are prepared.

You can access the section of the video that most interests you in the following links:
The routes and their schedules. 0:00
Technical difficulties of the routes. 5:44
Necessary material. 16:05
Our ascension day to Aneto. 24:57
Self-assessment: are we prepared? 32:30

If you want more information you can visit the following pages:


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