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Clint Walker on how he'd wish to be remembered – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG – jj

Clint Walker on how he'd wish to be remembered – EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

See the full interview at http://www.emmytvlegends.org/interviews/people/clint-walker


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  1. Clint Walker is a class act gentleman! My favorite character Clint played was Posie from the Dirty Dozen, damn he was one big dude!. He could've played defensive end and had a build like a brick shit house! Last time I heard he was living in Grass Valley California! God bless you Mr. Walker!

  2. I recently found reruns of my beloved Cheyenne tv show I used to watch as a kid because I was always into horses and cowboys but I think I had a crush on Cheyenne and now as a grown woman I know why. Holy smokes, what a hunk! Many of the episodes have him take off his shirt and oh my Lord what eye candy he was. No wonder my mom always found the time to watch it with me. I all makes sense now. I'm really enjoying the reruns but now for a different reason.

  3. I am a big western Fan : I have five actors that or my role models. Clint Walker Is at the top of that List. I have met a few actors at shows and Clint Walker was the best of all. Next on my list to Clint Walker is Roy Rogers: I met him 52 years ago.

  4. You Know what's so special about Clint. Here's a guy who had drop dead looks, a body we guys would envy, a voice as smooth as butter, and the demeanor of a true Gentleman, and he never made it huge like John Wayne or some of the others. I think because He didn't play their game. Which means he did this Hollywood thing his way. And what a life he's had. Nothing to be ashamed of. We still love him. And when he gets to go home, There won't be things said about him, or dirt about his life. Now people, that is integrity. And that is why I love him. And he is Still a good guy. Age and wisdom do come together at one point. But Clint had it all along. You can tell he's just a good common man, who considers himself blessed to have been in acting.  And I have  no dought if I met him in person, I'd probably start crying too. Hey I'm 6"7" 265. But I can be  tender too.  He was my childhood hero. Still is, And Clint you are so right, we need heroes like you to emulate. No foul mouthed, womanizing  posers.  Where are they, Who are they. I don't see them, Haven't seen them in a long time. So Clint,  Your still the Man, and I love you, as we all did.   Take care my friend  DJ

  5. Clint is one Classy man…Loved him on Cheyenne…And now love listening to him on the Mark Levin show from time to time…Got to meet him at the "Draft Horse Classic" in Grass Valley CA, a few years ago, where he  lives. My husband especially loved talking with him…bought his book,and he autographed it…Wonderful man.

  6. We baby boomers were absolutely blessed to have had a show like Cheyenne on during our days as kids, and we've been doubly-blessed to have a for-real man's man in Clint to have played him. And here he is, into his 80's….still spittin' out words of true wisdom…from his heart. You can tell that he thinks before he speaks, and is a guy that ponders stuff. We have Clint….who do the poor kids of today have to look up to…I can't name even one.  Isn't it tragic?

  7. Clint was a boyhood hero of mine and I finally met him at an autograpgh show 'bout 15 yrs ago. And when I walked up to that table and shook his big hand I was a small boy again and Clint was Cheyenne once more!

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