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Deepika Padukone had to do that job after seeing 'Chhapak' on the field workplace. – jj

Deepika Padukone had to do that job after seeing 'Chhapak' on the field workplace.


new Delhi : Film 'Chhapaak' (Chhapaak) For the first time since its release Deepika Padukone She reached the Mumbai Cinema Hall to know the live reactions of the fans. Let me tell you that almost a week has passed since the film was released. The film did not do any charisma at the box office. In such a situation, we can say that Deepika started getting fans to prepare for the coming weekend. The film did not perform well, so it is also being described as the way of promoting the film. At the same time, 'Tanaji' released with this film crossed the 100 crore mark on the sixth day at the box office.

According to trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​- Deepika Padukone's film 'Chhapak' earned 4.77 crores on the first day. The film grossed above 6.90 crores on Saturday, on Sunday the film grossed 7 to 7.50 crores, Somavar 2 to 2.50 crores and on Tuesday, 2.55 crores. The film earned Rs 23.92 crore till Tuesday.

By the way, Deepika also did a sting operation with Chhapak's team, in which Deepika and her team try to find out what is the process of buying acid in the country and what questions have to go through when taking acid from the shopkeeper. Deepika released a video and informed about this operation. In this video, Deepika says that if someone proposes you and you say no, you oppose it, then you get attacked by acid. You should raise your voice for your rights. Deepika believes that acid is the biggest reason for throwing acid. According to that, if it is not sold, then it does not worry. Watch the video-

Deepika's film 'Chhapak' was released on January 10, but the film got into controversies when Deepika stood with students performing at JNU before its release. Deepika stayed in JNU for about 10 minutes and did not give any statement there, but in front of Deepika, slogans were broken to break the country, on which people were angry that she was standing with the forces that broke the country. After this, Deepika's difficulties increased significantly. After this #BoycottChhapaak started trending. With this hashtag people started tweeting that they have supported the forces that broke the country. She also wants the country to be broken.

However, Deepika also gave her reaction to the attack in JNU. He had said that I am proud to see that we are not afraid to say what we say. It is heartening to see that people are coming forward and raising their voice without fear. Deepika said that it is necessary that people do not remain silent, openly express their views.

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