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Proof trial everlasting incapacity pension. – jj

Proof trial everlasting incapacity pension.

In the video, the lawyer in Granada Ramón Escribano Garés, specialist in claiming permanent disability pensions and matters related to Social Security, will explain what evidence is usually used in trials in which we claim this type of pension.

When an interested party requests his permanent disability pension and is denied or is not recognized the degree he intends (absolute, total or partial), he must initiate a claim process that can end the filing of a lawsuit before the Court of the Social, which will be responsible for issuing a judgment on the merits of our claim.

In our law firm it is very common to have to resort to judicial assistance in claiming permanent disability pensions. Our clients often ask us what evidence should be used in these types of trials? In the video we clarify it and now we will summarize them.

The most common tests are usually the following:

1.- Resolution of the INSS that denies us the pension or does not recognize us the appropriate degree.

2.-Prior claim and its resolution.

3.- Medical documentation that supports the claim of the claimant, especially those that have been written by specialists in the specific matter on which the claim is to be seen. They can be public or private health.

4.- Expert tests, both medical and labor.

5.- Labor contracts, collective agreements and other documents of labor type.

6.- Testimonial tests.

7.- Administrative files of the INSS or the mutual that has followed the worker during the previous leave.

8.- Labor inspection reports.

9.- Any other evidence that in each case, and after a particular study, may be useful for our purposes.

In our law firm we are specialists in this type of permanent disability pension claims.
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Note: Each case must be studied in a particular and personalized way to establish the presumed viability of a claim of permanent disability pension.