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Future insecure Social Safety INSS. – jj

Future insecure Social Safety INSS.

This Monday: Dr. Manuel Israel Ruiz, an expert on Social Security issues, told us about the deficit that grows year after year in Social Security and that will increase more rapidly as of 2017. He indicated that if things continue as until Now, in eight years the INSS would be bankrupt for lack of funds to respond to the demands of retirees and pensioners. Ruiz called on young people to be more interested in the topic of Insurance, because they now see that useless entity because they conceive that it will serve them until they turn 60. "E Insurance serves them today when they have an accident, when they need care for a condition or when women get pregnant, young people should understand the INSS," Ruiz said. You can see or hear it at www.cafeconvoz.org


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