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Last words of Rohit Vemula: 'I was born in a terrible accident'. Last words of Rohit Vemula: 'I was born in a terrible accident' – jj

Last words of Rohit Vemula: 'I was born in a terrible accident'. Last words of Rohit Vemula: 'I was born in a terrible accident'



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By BBC News Hindi

Updated: Friday, January 17, 2020, 10:48 (IST)

Rohit Vemula

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Rohit Vemula

It has been four years since the suicide of Rohit Chakraborty Vemula, PhD student of Hyderabad Central University.

On January 17, 2016, 26-year-old Dalit student Rohit Vemula hanged himself in a room in a university hostel.

The matter of his suicide remained in the headlines for a long time and even today it is talked about.

Rohit was a member of Ambedkar Students Association at the university.

He was also fighting for the rights and justice of Dalit students on campus.

Before the suicide, Rohit Vemula left a letter.

Radhika Vemula

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Radhika Vemula

Here written in english That Hindi translation of letter Read:

good morning,

I will not be there when you are reading these letters. Do not be angry with me

I know that many of you cared for me, you guys loved me and you also cared for me a lot.

I have no complaints with anyone. I have always had a problem myself. I feel the gap between my soul and my body growing. I have become a demon.

I always wanted to be a writer. Writer on science, like Carl Sagan. But in the end I am only able to write these letters.

I loved science, loved stars, loved nature … but I loved people and could not know that they had divorced nature since then.

Our feelings have become secondary. Our love is artificial. Our beliefs are false. Our originality is valid only through artificial art. It has become very difficult to love and not to be sad.

The price of a man has been limited to his immediate identity and near potential. Up to one vote.

The man has become a figure. Just an item. Never has a man been judged from his mind. One such thing made from Stardust. In every field, in study, in the streets, in politics, in dying and in living.

I am writing this kind of letter for the first time. For the first time I am writing the last letter. Forgive me if this makes no sense.

Maybe I am wrong in understanding the world so far. To understand love, pain, life and death. There was no such hurry. But I was always in a hurry. Was restless to start a life.

Throughout this time, life has been a curse for people like me. I was born in a terrible accident. I never recovered from my childhood loneliness. I did not get any love in my childhood.

I am not hurt at this moment. I am not sad I'm just empty I do not care about myself either. It is pathetic and that is why I am doing it.

People will give me cowardice agreement Selfish as well as stupid. when I'm gone. I do not care what people will tell me.

I don't believe in ghostly ghost stories after death. If I have faith in something, then that is that I will be able to travel to the stars and know what the other world is like.

If you are reading my letter, if you can do something, then I have to get my seven month fellowship. One lakh 75 thousand rupees. Please make sure that my family gets this money. I had to give 40 thousand rupees to Ramji. He never asked for money back. But please give money to Ramji with the money of fellowship.

I would like my funeral to be peaceful and silent. People behave as if I came and went. Do not shed tears for me You may know that I am more happy than dying.

'From shadow to stars'

Uma Anna, I apologize for doing this in your room.

Ambedkar Students Association Family, sorry to disappoint you all. You all loved me a lot. All the best for the future.

Last time

Jai Bheem

I forgot to write the formalities. No one is responsible for this act of killing myself.

Nobody has provoked me to do this, neither by his act nor by his words.

This is my decision and I am responsible for it.

My friends and enemies should not be disturbed after I leave.

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