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New virus from China, an infection is threatening the entire world – jj

New virus from China, an infection is threatening the entire world


new Delhi: The danger of a new virus has started looming in the whole world including India. A new virus has been identified in China. The name of this virus is being described as coronavirus. This virus is so dangerous that about 59 people have been infected in China. Now this virus has started spreading all over the world. It is also being quoted from the media report that one person has also died due to this new virus in Thailand. The International Health Organization – World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an alert to the whole world including India, saying that it is a very deadly virus. This can lead to the death of common people.

What is this new virus
The Chinese authority recently issued a statement saying that about 59 such cases have been reported in Wuhan city of China in which a new virus infection has been seen. This infection, named Coronavirus, is considered to be part of the SARS virus family. For the first time the Chinese government has confirmed this.

Understand the meaning of chinese information
China's government does not bring any of its negative news to the world quickly. Even after the SARS infection spread badly about 18 years ago, the Chinese government shied away from sharing its data with other countries. Long after the infection spread all over the world, the Chinese government had admitted that the infection of SARS virus had spread from China itself. In 2002-03, more than 700 people died due to SARS infection. Experts say that if the Chinese government had shared the information of such infection with other countries in time, then the whole world would have saved a lot of life from SARS virus.

WHO warns the whole world
This time the World Health Organization does not want to take any offense regarding the new infection. Soon after the Chinese government informed about the new transition, the WHO has issued an alert for it all over the world. However, the organization has also said that the new virus is being intensively investigated in various labs of the world right now. Only after the investigation report will be told about its treatment.

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