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What are the 36 ministers of Modi authorities going to do in Jammu and Kashmir? – jj

What are the 36 ministers of Modi authorities going to do in Jammu and Kashmir?


Narendra Modi

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It has been more than five months since Article 370 has given special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

While the government has been claiming that everything is fine in Jammu and Kashmir, the situation is normal, while the opposition has been repeatedly saying that if everything is fine there, why are they being prevented from going there?

The opposition has also been constantly questioning why the leaders there have been under house arrest? And why there is a ban on internet facility in the valley for months?

Between this tug of power and opposition, 36 ministers of the central government are going to visit Jammu and Kashmir from January 18 to 25.

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According to the news of All India Radio, all these ministers will go to different areas of Jammu and Kashmir and talk to the people on the impact after the removal of the provisions of Article-370 of the Constitution from Jammu and Kashmir and the government for the region Will give information about the operations being carried out by

Five ministers including Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal will talk to the people in the valley while all other ministers will go to Jammu.

These ministers will remain in different districts of both divisions of Jammu and Kashmir till January 24.

Opposition called it government Propaganda agreement Have given and said that the government passes the law first and then asks the people for their support.

At the same time, BJP says that these ministers are visiting Jammu and Kashmir for development work, it has nothing to do with politics.

In the present time, BBC correspondent about how much this type of tour is needed and what the results can be. Mansi Dash Has been a negotiator on behalf of the Government of India on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir Professor Radha Kumar talked to.

Read Professor Radha Kumar's Viewpoint:

I think this is a strange act. First you have repealed all the provisions of Article 370 without asking people and now you are going to talk to them.

Now you are going to explain to them what you have actually done? That too after five months, without asking them.

Local politicians are either under house arrest or in custody. They have been promised that they will not speak against the decision of the Central Government. The leaders have been silenced in both ways.

Now on the issue of internet, we are seeing that the Supreme Court said that to see the extent to which you are able to give people comfort in a week. Now in response to the Supreme Court, they have removed one more notice and said that we will continue some restrictions.

In such a situation, nothing is understood about what they want to do. And now suddenly these 36 people will go to Kashmir.

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Is it an exercise to take stock?

If the government is thinking that even now it can withdraw the decision for itself, then I will definitely say that they have understood something.

But they are not going to do this. They are saying that we are going to convince the people there.

But the question is what are you going to explain. Does the government understand that people do not know what was there in 370?

Earlier you were only saying that maybe bring back a limited form of 35-A. Bring another provision in article-371 that very few people outside the hill areas can buy land. Like in some parts of Himachal and Uttarakhand.

Now they have also denied this. They are saying that if they do this then investment will not come.

Everyone knows that in an area where there is such a stalemate, investment will not come as easily.

In such a situation, a situation like 'land-grab' will occur. People will buy land and then sit there that when prices are high then they will sell it.

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If the leader of the valley is under house arrest, this The tour Means What will happenThe

This tour is probably for camera and TV channels. Apart from this, there does not seem to be any special purpose of this tour.

Big channels will show it and say wow. Also, this step of the government should not be seen at all by associating with 'retreat'.

First of all, he completed all the things in a hurry, without giving any notice, without any prior notice, without having to table the bill.

For this, he also put people under house arrest for this. All the means of information were also stopped.

Recently, when the government brought the Citizenship Amendment Bill, they knew that it had to be opposed as well.

Nevertheless, he brought this bill and passed it after a brief debate within a day.

Now the way the protests are taking place from then on. The way people are demanding that it be withdrawn, their stance is very clear that we have passed the bill.

So from where does it appear that the government is going to rethink any of its decisions?

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Government is unable to convince people?

Now the matter of explaining your view to the people is no more. First of all, consultation is done in every case, it was not done in time.

You change a state completely. Change its status. Change his rights. You change his constitutional relationship. They too without asking the people there.

If it is to be negotiated, it should be done on that issue. We should ask whether we should take back whatever steps we have taken?

But these people are not going to talk. They are going to tell the people there that you do not understand us.

Everyone knows what they have done and why. Nobody has any strength in this.

But they are saying that people do not understand this.

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Supreme Court asked- Why and for how long the internet is banned?

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