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Apple's critically acclaimed anthology collection “Little America” now streaming solely on Apple TV+ – jj

Apple's critically acclaimed anthology collection “Little America” now streaming solely on Apple TV+


In its first year of launch, Apple TV+ has received historic awards recognitions, including a Critics’ Choice Award win and multiple Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations for “The Morning Show,” a GLAAD Media Award nomination for “Dickinson,” and a Cinema for Peace Award for “The Elephant Queen.”

“Lee, Kumail, Emily and the entire team behind ‘Little America’ have created a special, one-of-a-kind series that embraces stories of hope and triumph,” said Jamie Erlicht, Apple’s head of Worldwide Video. “We’re looking forward to sharing this series with Apple TV+ audiences around the world and bringing them even more meaningful, unique stories this year and beyond.” 

Here’s a sampling of what critics are saying about “Little America”:

The New York Times
“Collectively, the show’s understanding of the immigrant experience is complex and nuanced. In ‘Little America,’ the impulse to pick up stakes and move is hopeful, but it inevitably comes with loss. It’s about aspiration and hustle and dreams, but it’s also about homesickness and alienation and loneliness.”
Rolling Stone
“This poignant new anthology series from Apple TV+ tells immigrant stories with deep empathy — and serves as a powerful reminder of our country’s founding principles.”
“[Little America is] a sharply executed anthology about immigrant experiences. … At a moment when immigration has become such a polarizing political issue, ‘Little America’ feels like a tonic, one intended to inspire and unabashedly celebrate people who chose to make America their home.”
Chicago Sun-Times
“Although each finely crafted, beautifully filmed, well-photographed vignette naturally touches on hot-button social circumstances and issues, ‘Little America’ is hardly some overwrought piece of propaganda advocating extreme takes on either side of the political spectrum. It’s far too nuanced and complex and sophisticated for that. It’s also funny as hell at times, and filled with memorable portraits of real, three-dimensional, flawed but in most cases relatable and eminently likable fellow human travelers on this planet.”
“‘Little America’ is a thoughtful show, made with evident care and consideration for doing justice to the heritages depicted.”
The Hollywood Reporter
“For a series comprising such seemingly disparate cultural and geographical elements, there’s a sense throughout of care for each installment. Every episode is introduced with music from the characters’ country of origin and includes a bilingual ‘inspired by a true story’ tag, and several are directed by filmmakers who share an ethnic origin with their characters.”
“Perhaps most importantly, ‘Little America’ avoids becoming patriotic propaganda not by disparaging the United States and its policies (which it rarely does), but by selectively emphasizing what America can offer at its best.”

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