Has Vladimir Putin grow to be synonymous with Russia?


Vladimir Putin

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During his twenty years in power in Russia, Vladimir Putin has woven such a fabric of his power that the power of the country seems to revolve only around him.

A great example of this can also be seen in his proposal after which the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his entire cabinet resigned.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed comprehensive constitutional reforms in the country.

After the implementation of these proposed reforms, not only will all the articles of the Constitution change, but the balance of power and power will also change.

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A constitutional proposal, put by President Putin, will be held on a referendum. Through this, Parliament will have more power than the President. But this is what is being speculated that Putin's well thought out strategy is behind the proposal for constitutional change.

Experts believe that they want to remain in the center of power even further, while their term as President is ending in the year 2024. After which he will no longer be president.

Meanwhile, a big change has also happened that the President of Russia has decided to make Dimitri Medvedev the deputy chairman of the National Security Council. But what is Putin's strategy behind all this?

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What is putin's intention

Says Rajan Kumar, an expert on Russia affairs and a professor at JNU. "These decisions of President Putin can be seen on two grounds. The first is, of course, that they want to preserve power. Currently, Russia has a super presidential system. Where the President is everything. He is the most powerful." '

Professor Rajan Kumar says, "Russia's presidential position is more powerful than any other country. The President of Russia can also dismiss the Duma (House). The matter of the proposal under which changes can be made, under this, all the powers which were still with the President are now being reduced and the Duma is being made powerful. ''

Professor Rajan Kumar believes, "The powers of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are being increased. Since Putin's tenure will end by the year 2024, it is very likely that he will become Prime Minister once again. In such a situation, it is possible that the powers of the Prime Minister are being increased so that at the end of his term, he can become the Prime Minister. "

If we talk about the second possibility related to this decision, then it may happen that Putin should leave politics only after the term ends in 2024, but then it can be difficult for him.

Professor Rajan Kumar says, "It may be that after spending the remaining four years, he can retire from politics or leave active politics. But if he does, then it is possible that whoever is in power at that time , Create problems for them. There is no one in the system who thinks about punishing them. In such a situation, Putin's strategy might be to create a successor whose They can remain relaxed while living. The amendments or changes that are coming in this way, it shows the full possibility of this. "

Russia's President Putin has been accused of many political assassinations and corruption. In such a situation, Putin would like a successor for himself, whose presence does not bother him.

Amitabh Singh, Assistant Professor in Russian International Studies at JNU, says, "Russia is going to have parliamentary elections in 2021 and Putin's term is going to end in 2024. After that, Putin might not want to come to the post of Prime Minister. We want to ensure a system now that has checks and balances and more power to Parliament. Also a new State Council Nvadhanik being talked to right. Presumed that being that Putin will become president of the State Council, the prime minister would not be made and that's where they show their strength. "

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The story of Putin's 20 years in power in Russia

Putin's stature in Russia

Is there no one to challenge Putin in Russia? On this question, Professor Rajan Kumar says that this is not the case at all and Russia should not be considered as China.

He says, "There are many parties in Russia. In addition to the United Russian Party supporting Putin, the Communist Party is a major party. If they see their vote bank or support, then they also have a vote bank of 12-13 percent. Also There are many parties. But at present, the position of the United Russian Party in politics is the same as that of Congress during Indira Gandhi's time in India. "

According to Professor Rajan Kumar, "In simple words, it can be assumed that Russia currently has a one-party system. The Communist Party is important, but it only supports Putin on most issues. Apart from this there is a big reason That the leaders of the Communist Party are quite old and in that case they are not as popular among the youth of Russia. "

Professor Rajan Kumar believes that a big issue of Russia is security. There is a deadlock with the US and many other issues related to the issue of Ukraine. In such a situation, the people want their leader to be someone who is not a puppet in the hands of Western countries. There was a time when it was said to Russia that it is a 'big petrol pump' and nothing else. Putin has strengthened the position of Russia, in which case his popularity cannot be denied.

Amitabh Singh also holds this view. He says, "The President is the best in Russia. No other President in the world has the power that the President of Russia has. No one is going to raise a finger on him. The opposition there is also an 'Institutional Opposition'." He never openly opposes Putin and for those who are in a position to protest, the government does not allow that place to be built. Someone who challenges his power Is not. "

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Experts believe that bilateral relations between India and Russia are very strong. Amitabh Singh says that from a strategic point of view, India and Russia depend on each other. India buys weapons from Russia.

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President Post till Journey of putin

Twenty years ago, Vladimir Putin was presented with the key to power in a plate.

Former President Boris Yeltsin and his closest allies elected former officials of the Russian intelligence agency KGB to take the country into the twenty-first century. One of them was Vladimir Putin.

Valentin Yumashev played a very important role in Vladimir Putin becoming President of Russia. Yumashev is a former journalist and later became an officer in the Russian government. Yumashev was one of Boris Yeltsin's most trusted allies.

Yeltsin had said in an interview that at that time there was no idea from anywhere that this person could go on to become the President of the country.

Yumashev explains, "Yeltsin had many names on his mind, such as Boris Nemtsov, Sergei Stepashin and Nkolai Aksenenko. I had many conversations with him about who could be a potential candidate for the post. There was a time When we even considered Putin's name. "

According to Yumashev, "Yeltsin asked me what I thought about Putin? I told him that he is a good candidate and I think you should consider his name as well. The way he does his job , It clearly shows that they will be ready for the most difficult task. "

In August 1999, Boris Yeltsin appointed Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister. This was a clear indication that President Yeltsin was preparing Putin to lead the Kremlin.

Then Yeltsin had one year to leave. But in December 1999, he suddenly announced his resignation. After this, Vladimir Putin became acting President and after three months he won the election. Since then, Russia's power has revolved around Putin.

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