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Seems to be like the federal government is coming after your pension fund … South Africa – jj

Seems to be like the federal government is coming after your pension fund … South Africa

Rather than get a bailout loan from the International Monetary Fund looks like the ANC government will raid the pension funds of its own citizens.



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  1. Absolutely no one has to doubt the ANC's inability to effect positive change to the country's economy, they've repeatedly proven their incompetency. The perception of the ANC's incompetency has ALREADY been confirmed over the last 25 years, and a loan from the IMF is nothing but an affirmation. The bloody leaches will suck the very last penny they can out of the South African economy. I think they should consider selling their grandmothers to the Arabs, then the financial cow will be dry as a bone.😎

  2. They admit there is no money, however they are doing nothing to collect back all the billions that have been looted by the "comrades". So, what they are saying is simply, we are looking at ways to steal more of your money.

  3. I dare you to take one ☝🏻cent from me ANC government and I PROMISE you that Cyril f@&$ face Ramaphosa will get the first bullet 😙😉 Try me terroristic thieves, I’m one crazy ass motherf@&$er! 🖕🏻😆😆😆 Your ancestors will turn in their graves when they see what I’m going to do to you if you touch my shit.. ⚰️

  4. Why don't they get their own Oligarchs like Patrice Motsepe et al to bail them out! They have the most black billionaires in Africa other than Nigeria! Oh no their own are greedy and would never help their own people !!!!!!! This is disgusting and pathetic! The rest of the World are an embarrassment as they watch GENOCIDE and ILLEGAL THEFT OF PEOPLE'S PENSIONS!!!! THE ANC ARE IGNORANT AND ARE NOT ABLE TO RUN A P…… UP IN A BREWERY NEVER MIND A COUNTRY!!! What an ignorant bunch of fools! Shame on the World!!!!!!!!

  5. No sane person would invest into these bankrupt state corporations, at least during apartheid these corporations were viable and functional. If the ANC force people to invest in these failing corporations the ANC bigwigs need to lead by example and do likewise.But that wont happen of course.

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