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Top 10 CHEAP AND FAST Second Cars for Young Drivers! *CHEAP INSURANCE* – jj

Top 10 CHEAP AND FAST Second Cars for Young Drivers! *CHEAP INSURANCE*

You’ve had your cheap first car, you’re still young, and now you’re looking for a fast and cheap second car that has cheap insurance? The UK second hand car market is full of great cheap fast cars that you might be able to buy, but it’s often the insurance quotes that’ll put people off. For that reason, using the quote details I created as a result of some previous research that help decrease the price of insurance, I’ve found 10 cars that aren’t horrendously expensive to insure for young drivers, and are all decently quick!

I hope you find this video useful, it’s my first proper list video of the year so feedback is well received! Apologies for the super long intro, just wanted to get through everything and get it all explained…

Don’t forget that I make these videos from the UK market perspective so prices in other countries may differ, and remember that whenever you buy a second hand car, maintenance, repairs, insurance & road tax are all worth considering!

Thanks again to Custom Car Printz for the picture and for providing you guys with a discount code (JB15) if you want to get one of you and your car! Links to them below:

Website: https://customcarprintz.com/
Instagram: @customcarprintzuk

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