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Vastu Tips: These remedies for Vastu-astrology will relieve the stress of examinations. Vaastu tips for students to avoid exam stress – jj

Vastu Tips: These remedies for Vastu-astrology will relieve the stress of examinations. Vaastu tips for students to avoid exam stress



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Published: Friday, January 17, 2020, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. The round of CBSE exams is about to begin. Examinations have also started in some states. In such a situation, there is double pressure on children. They have the pressure to get ahead of their competitive students, they also have to bear the pressure of parents. In such a situation, parents should take care that they do not create unnecessary pressure on the child and the children should continue their studies without any stress, without any pressure. Keep in mind that every child has something special that others do not. So, whatever you are, you are perfect in yourself. Now let's talk about astrology. Vastu Shastra and astrology can help children to study stress-free. Taking care of some common things, children can remain stressless and this will help them to pass the exam with good marks.

Let's know what those remedies are …

For examinees

For examinees

  • First of all, wake up early in the morning and offer water to the student Sun God. It gives positive energy.
  • After this, meditate on your Ishta Dev or chant Ua at least 108 times. This brings mental concentration.
  • Apply saffron tilak on your forehead, throat and navel daily. This increases concentration and memory power.
  • While studying, keep a piece of alum in your pocket. This does not bring negative thoughts to mind.
  • While reciting daily, recite the mantra of the mantra 'Oum Sarasvatai Namah' three times. It gives knowledge and wisdom.
  • Wear Ganesh Rudraksha around your neck.
  • On Wednesday, on the day of examination, offer Lord Ganesha 108 Durva and moong ladoos.
  • While going for the exam, take the blessings of the elders of the house and come out after eating curd.
  • Wearing a Saraswati Yantra around the neck at the time of examination is also a good solution.

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Vastu tips for good marks

Vastu tips for good marks

  • It is important to have a pleasant atmosphere for studying in peace and peace. The place where the students are studying should be away from the hullabaloo. The part of the house where the child can read peacefully.
  • After this, the direction matters a lot. The student's mouth should always be towards east or north while reading. This increases memory power.
  • Get the students to do green color on the walls of the room in which they are studying or put green curtains on the windows and doors.
  • Study tables should always be organized. It should not be scattered on it.
  • Place a basil plant on or near the study table.
  • Baby bamboo plant can also be placed on the table.
  • Fill the water in a glass bowl in the northeast of the study room and place the rose flowers in it. Bowl water and flowers change daily.
What to do by day

What to do by day

  • The day of taking the exam is also very important. Therefore, also take measures for the day when you go to take the exam.
  • Monday: Offer a betel leaf on the Shivling before going for the exam.
  • Tuesday: Offer jaggery and gram to Hanumanji before the exam. Receive Prasad yourself.
  • Wednesday: Offer green coriander to Ganesha and eat it as a little prasad.
  • Thursday: Put saffron tilak on the forehead and keep a yellow handkerchief in your pocket.
  • Friday: Offer Mishri on Shivling before going for the exam.
  • Saturday: Visit Shani Dev and go to the examination with a little mustard seed in the pocket.

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