Why is Pakistan silent on the kidnapping of Hindu girls | Harassment of Hindu girls not stopping in Pakistan, new case surfaced in Sindh province


Islamabad: The incidents of forced conversions by abducting minority Hindu girls in Pakistan are not taking name. The latest case relates to Mehak, a minor girl belonging to the Hindu community, who was abducted from Jacobabad district in Sindh province on 15 January. In Pakistan, this issue is now being raised through social media. The government of Pakistan has been wavering in such cases since the beginning, but it is a matter of concern that such matters are not making headlines even in the local media, due to which the minorities feel alone.

If there is no coverage by the media, the minority community is now trying to bring such cases to the fore through social media. Pakistan's minority community has created a page called 'Pakistani Hindu's Youth Forum' on Facebook. There are also 30,702 likes on this page. Now with the help of this page, the campaign has been launched, in which appeals have been made to the liberals of Pakistan to support the scent.

A post was posted on this page on Saturday evening, which read, "This kind of vandalism is being done to Pakistani Hindus. 14-year-old Mehak Kumari, a ninth grader, was kidnapped a few days ago. Now he Amarot appears with the mullahs in Sharif and they are claiming that he has fallen in love with Ali Raza Solangi. "

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The post further said, "Solangi is already married and has a child. He works as a laborer. Now that girl has been converted to Islam. Now please tell that 14 year old girl, How can she fall in love with an illiterate and laborer who is the daughter of a businessman? How did she get ready to leave her home and religion for an already married person? "

After this, it was said in the post that such cases are happening again and again, but there is no solution to them. Not only this, another post was posted on this page on Saturday morning, in which the list related to the abduction and conversion of minority girls during the last few months was uploaded. The names of 50 such victims have been mentioned in this list. In the list, the name of Mehak is shown as the 50th victim.

There is not only one page in Pakistan which is raising these issues. Rather, the page titled 'Sindhi Hindu Student Federation of Pakistan' is also constantly engaged in efforts to bring fragrance and other matters into the mainstream.

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