ISRO India communication satellite GSAT30 successfully launched into Orbit by Ariane5 VA251 | The country's most powerful communication satellite GSAT-30 launched in space, Internet speed will increase further


New Delhi: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Has successfully launched the powerful communication satellite GSAT-30 (GSAT-30). ISRO's GSAT-30 was launched by European heavy rocket Ariane-5 at 2.35 am Friday, successfully launching into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit. In this way, India successfully completed the first mission of this year i.e. 2020. This will help improve India's telecommunications services. GSAT-30 will replace the communication satellite INSAT-4A. It was launched in the year 2005.

Actually, GSAT-30 is a telecommunications satellite designed and built by ISRO. This will work in place of an INSAT Satellite. This will increase the ability to provide communication links to state-run and private service providers.

Its weight is about 3100 kg. Will continue to work for 15 years after launching. It has two solar panels and a battery, which will give it energy.

Features of GSAT-30 ..
– Carriage capacity of GSAT-30 will be more than INSAT-4A.
– This satellite will provide coverage to Indian mainland and islands in Ku band, Gulf countries, Asian countries and Australia in C band.
It will be widely used for services like VSAT network, television uplinking, teleport service, digital satellite news archiving, DTH television etc.

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