Kapil Sibal clarified on his statement about CAA now says this | Kapil Sibal clarified about his statement on CAA, now said this


New Delhi: Kapil Sibal has clarified his statement regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Kapil Sibal said, 'I believe CAA is unconstitutional. Every state assembly has the right to pass a resolution and demand it to be withdrawn.

Kapil Sibal tweeted, 'When the Supreme Court declares a law constitutional then it is difficult to oppose it. The struggle should continue.

Let us tell you that on the third day of the Kerala Literature Festival, the Union Minister had said that it would be difficult for any state to say that we will not follow the law that the Parliament has passed.

Kapil Sibal had said, 'I think it has to be answered at two levels, you are sending a message to the Central Government that all states are unhappy with CAA and NRC. But NRC is based on NPR which is implemented by the employees of the state, so are we telling the state authorities not to cooperate with the central government, in practice it may or not I do not know But, constitutionally it would be difficult for the state government to say that we will not follow the law that Parliament has passed.

Let us know that the opposition of CAA is increasing. Now two states have passed the resolution against this law. A resolution against the CAA was passed in the Punjab Assembly on Saturday. Punjab has become the second state to do so after Kerala.

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