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Learn These 6 Tips to Master the iPhone 11's Night Mode – jj

Learn These 6 Tips to Master the iPhone 11's Night Mode


Everyone knows the iPhone was never really the greatest at taking low-light pictures. The iPhone’s shots have always been exceptional, but they fell short when compared to other devices’ photos in the dark. That was until the iPhone 11 came along.

The new iPhone lineup has such exceptional cameras that it’s even beaten the Google Pixel 4’s Night Sight pictures. And it’s all thanks to this little thing called Night Mode.

If you still don’t know what Night Mode is, you might be missing out on some glorious photos at nighttime. This new feature works by combining the advanced software and hardware that the iPhone 11 lineup features.

  1. Basically, the sensors inside of the iPhone analyze and determine how much light is available.
  2. Based on the light available, the iPhone will start to take several shots in a moment. That’s why Night Mode may take a few seconds to work.
  3. Then, the iPhone will create one picture using the best fragments of each individual shot it took to give you the best and brightest photo it can.

It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. At least for you. Night Mode is a great feature, which lets you take clear pictures in a low-light situation. However, it doesn’t do the job all by itself. Well, actually, it does. All you have to do is press a button and hold still.

But if you want to take your evening images to the next level, button pressing is the least of your concerns. So, whether you’d like to improve your pictures, or you want to participate in Apple’s new challenge, continue reading to learn how to take the best pictures using Night Mode.

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