Christian Boeving – Rear Delt Elevate (Bodybuilding)

Bodybuilding Superstar Christian Boeving shows you the very fitness exercises he uses to develop his perfectly sculpted shoulders, chest and biceps. As an extra bonus, he reveals his workout philosophy, posing between sets to inspire and encourage you to achieve your own training success!

Today: rear delt raise for shoulders

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  2. not necessarily bro, I have a very similar physique but I still have chest fat, mine came from yrs and yrs of too much soy milk, back when I thought it was healthy, used to drink that stuff like 320z+ a day for over 3-4yrs!!! It got my hormones all outta whack! I'm still recovering trying to lose my chest fat, and I've never take a single steroid in my entire life! Never would, I'm 100% natty

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