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Sunday's greatest offers: Samsung digital actuality, snow throwers, true wi-fi earbuds, and extra! – jj

Sunday's greatest offers: Samsung digital actuality, snow throwers, true wi-fi earbuds, and extra!


We’ve gathered all of the day’s best deals on tech and more below to save you having to hunt them down alone. Most are limited in time, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ headset – $229.99 (from $500)

The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows mixed reality headset is down to $229.99 at Dell. This price is matching a sale through Samsung’s website. We saw it drop this low briefly last week, but it sold out quickly. We expect this deal won’t last long either. The next best price is $342 on Amazon, but most retailers like Best Buy and B&H sell it for around $500. Either way, today’s sale at $230 is a huge drop in price.

Great Price

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Windows mixed reality headset with controllers Dell

Excellent intro to VR if you can’t afford more expensive options. 3K AMOLED display with 2880 x 1600 resolution and 110-degree field of view. Easy setup and inside-out tracking so you don’t need extra equipment. Works with Windows store and Steam.

$229.99 $500.00 $270 off

Greenworks cordless snow thrower – $221.23 (from $355)

The cordless snow thrower, which is one of two snow throwers on sale today, uses an 80V Li-ion system that lasts for up to 45 minutes of run time on a single battery, which is included. Keep the batteries stored at room temperature since you are most likely to use this snow thrower after snow, which means some very cold temperatures. And batteries tend not to work when it’s too cold.

Our favorite VPN service is more affordable now than ever before

The machine will require very little maintenance thanks to its quiet brushless motor technology. It also has a 20-inch clearing path so you can easily clear your sidewalks, walkways, driveways and more. With up to 10 inches of clearing depth, only the worst blizzards will give you trouble. The top chute on the snow thrower can also be rotated 180 degrees so you can displace the snow in the best location.

Let it snow

Greenworks 20-inch cordless snow thrower

There’s also a corded version on sale today only. Has a quiet brushless motor. Clear your driveway, sidewalk, or patio easily with a 20-inch clearing path. Goes 10 inches deep with a 180-degree chute for displacement. Batteries last up to 45 minutes.

$221.23 $355.00 $134 off

Life P2 true wireless earbuds – $49.99 (from $60)

The Soundcore Life P2 true wireless headphones are a perfect pick if you’re someone who’s worried about call quality when it comes to Bluetooth headphones, as Anker has integrated two microphones into each earbud to help your voice be clearly heard on the other end of the call. They even feature beamforming noise reduction and cVc 8.0 noise-cancelling technology to help enhance your voice and reduce the amount of background noise on your end.

Wireless Audio

Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Headphones

Worried about call quality with Bluetooth headphones? Anker’s latest earbuds keep that in mind, packing in four microphones so you have no trouble being heard clearly while taking calls hands-free. Clip the on-page coupon to save $10 instantly.

$49.99 $59.99 $10 off

Anker Alkaline 24-pack AA Batteries – $11.89 (from $16)

These alkaline AA batteries are compatible with so many electronics, from remote controls to children’s toys, game controllers, and more. However, unlike many other affordable options, these batteries will keep your electronics running for much longer thanks to their adaptive output which delivers just the power required by your device.

Anker’s AA batteries also feature PowerLock technology which creates an air- and liquid-tight seal to keep the power inside. That gives them a shelf life of up to 10 years. Plus, these batteries were built using recycled components, meaning you’ll be able to recycle them again once these batteries go dead.

Power Supply

Anker Alkaline AA Batteries (24-Pack)

These Alkaline AA batteries have a 10-year shelf life thanks to their PowerLock technology which creates an air- and liquid-tight seal to keep power inside. Today’s deal marks one of the lowest prices yet for this 24-pack at Amazon.

$11.89 $15.99 $4 off

Seagate FireCuda 2TB hybrid SSD – $59.99 (from $81)

The process is mostly automatic with the Seagate FireCuda (some SSHDs let you manually choose what to do with it). You get a 7200 RPM hard drive, which is already nice and fast for a hard drive. And then you get the cache system that gives you SSD-like performance for some stuff. This sort of drive is perfect if you have very limited storage options, like a laptop that only has one drive bay and is still using an ancient hard drive. The drive also won’t add to your power consumption, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Bit o This Bit o That

Seagate FireCuda 2TB internal solid state hybrid drive

This sort of drive is perfect if you have very limited storage options, like a laptop that only has one drive bay and is still using an ancient hard drive. It combines a speedy 7200 RPM storage drive with a speed boost similar to an SSD.

$59.99 $80.88 $21 off

Roav Viva Pro Alexa car charger – $34.99 (from $70)

Clip the on-page coupon to save 50% off the regular price. The Roav Viva Pro connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and then you connect the Viva Pro to your car’s stereo either via Bluetooth, Carplay, Android Auto, Aux-out, or FM transmission. It will use your phone’s data plan to access Alexa’s services and relay them through your car’s speakers. You can access the full-range of Alexa’s skills, including playing your favorite music, getting directions, or hearing the news. You can make and receive phone calls without taking your hand off the wheel. It also has voice isolation via two integrated mics that can accurately identify your voice over other car noises.

Road Trip Essentials

Anker Roav Viva Pro Alexa-enabled Car Charger

This 2-port USB car charger feature built-in Amazon Alexa so you can ask for directions, listen to an Audible audiobook, shop online, and more, all with your voice while you’re driving. Clip its on-page coupon to save 50% instantly.

$34.99 $69.99 $35 off

Powerline II 3-foot Lightning cable – $6.79 (from $9)

This MFi-certified 3-foot Lightning cable from Anker is designed to properly and safely charge Apple devices, meaning you won’t have to deal with any annoying popups saying your accessory isn’t supported once you plug it in. They’re very durable too, with tensile strength capable of withstanding 175 pounds, plus a 12,000 bend lifespan. Anker is so confident in their performance that the cables are backed with a lifetime warranty. Should you encounter any issues, simply reach out via email and you’ll get a replacement.

Take Charge

Anker Powerline II 3-foot Lightning Cable

This durable Lightning cable is designed to last 12 times longer than others and is MFi-certified to properly charge Apple devices safely. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.

$6.79 $9.13 $2 off

Mint Mobile is offering up to 40% off its service plans for three months when you join now! You can score any data plan for only $15 monthly for three months, though you’ll need to pay the full three-month cost in advance.

$15 per month at Mint Mobile

Security and privacy are important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a saving! This limited-time holiday offer at PureVPN drops the monthly cost to just $1.19 with code THRIFTER10. It works great on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and more.

$1.19 per month at PureVPN

This service launched earlier this year costs only $8 a month anyway, but you can get three months for free. The Essential bundle includes 300 channels of music, comedy, talk radio, and more. It’s only for online streaming not using your car’s satellite radio. Remember it will auto renew.

Free at SiriusXM

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