Obligatory labor regime is pressured labor as a result of it places the rights of Venezuelans in danger

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New measures of the Venezuelan regime would undermine the rights of workers, this after the Ministry of Popular Power for the Social Work Process, through a resolution published in the Official Gazette establishes a mandatory labor regime.

The document states that those who work in public and private companies can be called to work in state organizations specializing in food production.

In addition, it is established that they must work temporarily in these companies for a minimum of 60 days, and that their "contracts" can be renewed automatically for an extra period of another 60 days.
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  1. Quisiera ver cómo sería la aplicación de esta medida, es inviable y absurda, el venezolano es rebelde por naturaleza, nadie hará esa actividad obligatoria, delirios del poder! La esclavitud ya pasó, nadie se someterá a ese absurdo decreto. De hecho es tan loco que probablemente sea otro pote de humo para desviar la atención del Referéndum revocatorio. Es importante recordar quién asesora al gobierno, nada más y nada menos que la demoníaca, malévola, oscura, perversa, retorcida y asesina dictadura cubana

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