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Jobs for scholar in uk 🇬🇧| 20 jobs out there in Birmingham | Jassi x – jj

Jobs for scholar in uk 🇬🇧| 20 jobs out there in Birmingham | Jassi x

I found 20 jobs In Birmingham for student msg me or comment down below for job thx lot . Keep loving 🥰 . Hey everyone this is jassi x. M here to help u all pls try to msg me in inbox for more inquiries or information on instagram. And pls keep supporting and loving 🥰 is . That is realy nice of u guys . Pls instagram link down below and msg me for more information thx lot guys





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  1. Veer ji plzzzzzzzz sachiiii sachiiii dasdo…… Veer ji suniya London vich 2 saal study finish hon to baad…. Fir work milna 2 saal da… Fir work finish fir vapis India bhej dendai va… Eha gal ryt va…….

  2. Veere thanku ji soo much tuci eni information dainde oh saria nu .veere main pushna c main uk auna a apne spouse naal ona nu BPP university ,middlesex university chu offerletter ayea bai ds skde oh kehre uni vdia hai further master krn lye nursing chu

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