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Outstanding Pakistani rights activist Manzoor Pashteen arrested | Know who’s Manzoor Pashtin, who suffered on the age of 25 in Pakistan – jj

Outstanding Pakistani rights activist Manzoor Pashteen arrested | Know who’s Manzoor Pashtin, who suffered on the age of 25 in Pakistan


new Delhi: 25-year-old Pashtran, who hails from Pakistan's war-torn South Waziristan, has plagued Pakistan. The police arrested Manzoor Pashthan, the chief of the Pashtun Tehfuz Movement (PTM), an organization that raised the interest of the Pashtun community in Pakistan. Reports published in Pakistani media said that Manzoor Pashtin was arrested early Monday from Shaheen Town in Peshawar. Along with him, nine other members of the PTM have also been arrested. The media report said that he has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days by a court in Peshawar.

Case registered against Pashthan
Police said that a case was registered against the PTM chief at the City Police Station of Dera Ismail Khan on January 18. He has been charged with treason, condemning the creation of the country and advocating for the abolition of its sovereignty. The FIR lodged against Pashtin states that he had said in a meeting at Dera Ismail Khan on January 18 that the country's 1973 constitution violates basic human rights. It also said that he made derogatory remarks against the state.

PTM leader and MP Mohsin Davar said on this arrest, "This is a reward given to us for seeking our rights in a peaceful and democratic manner. Manzoor's arrest will strengthen our spirits. We demand the immediate release of Manjur Pashtan. " He urged the PTM activists and supporters to maintain peace and said that a further strategy would be made after discussions. Davar said that we are standing against those who are upset with our demand to give our constitutional rights. We will keep demanding this.

Human rights organizations have launched a campaign to release the hashtag approved Pashthan.
Human rights organization Amnesty International has also condemned Pashtan's arrest and demanded his immediate and unconditional release. After the sanction of Pashtur Pashthan, various organizations, leaders, human rights organizations have launched a campaign to release the hashtag Manjur Pashtan on social media.

The PTM has been raising voice against the policies of the Pakistani Army in the tribal areas of the country. It has demanded that the extrajudicial killings of Pashtun community people, forcibly missing them and illegal arrests should be stopped in the name of alleged fight against terrorism.

Know who is approved
The 25-year-old approved Pashtan hails from South Waziristan, a war-torn region of Pakistan. This area has been known for its strong hold on the Pakistani Taliban. Approved Pashtin began to make headlines in Pakistan's newspapers when Nakibullah Mehsud, a young man from South Waziristan, died in a police encounter in Karachi in January last year. Naqibullah was an emerging model. People started protesting against his death, in which the approved Pashtishan joined and within a short time he made headlines.

The sanctioned Pashthan is identified as the voice of the backward and suppressed society of Pakistan. Pashtuns, the second largest ethnic group in Pakistan, are constantly fighting for their security, civil liberties and equal rights. Manjur Pashtin started the Pashtun Tehfuz Movement in the year 2014, but this campaign could not show much success.

After the death of Nakibullah in January 2018, he suddenly became a hero for a certain class group. The agitation against death began to spread in many parts of the country. In the midst of these protests, Pashtran started to reach out to the Pashtun youth through social media and shared his speeches among them. In these speeches he was seen demanding the rights of the tribal community, especially the Pashtuns. The youth, influenced by these speeches, went on to join their movement.

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