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four gamers the Patriots may TRADE for earlier than the commerce deadline – jj

four gamers the Patriots may TRADE for earlier than the commerce deadline

In today’s video I talked about the New England Patriots and four players they could trade for before the October 29th trade deadline. The pats have been …


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  1. Have to agree with the majority that they go for OJ here. Best case scenario come playoff time a fully healthy line with Wynn and edelman gordon Dorsett harry as the top 4 WR and Howard and Watson at TE along with the rbs and defense I dont think anybodys beating that squad

  2. I think if the Patriots get a veteran with a high cap number, the deal will probably involve a Patriots player with a high cap number that the patriots can afford to lose. I think that will be Bennett. Who could use Bennett? Atlanta.

  3. How about this? You could offer Michael Bennett in a trade to Atlanta because they run the 4-3 defense he's got a year left where he is owed 10 million dollars Sanu has some time left, everybody wins. Atlanta's able to get a little money off the books and it helps both teams

  4. Surprised Taylor Gabriel hasn’t been mentioned. Dude was a beast when he was on Falcons. Patriots need another fast guy him and Edelman would be hard to control. The bears don’t use him enough. Just my opinion on another guy. I don’t want Parker.

  5. The problem of the team is the offensive line guys. how many left tackles we add to the team. Not to mention that froholdt iso an excellent season along with another tacke called st. Louis personally surprised me too much not to see these players. Brady is also not a quarteback that stands out, in his agility, the quarteback of the future, he must also know how to move with his legs. It is already a fact, now with what we mean? to the young receiver of the pats, who is chosen every time in the draft. What did MEYERS, HARRY and OLSZEWSKI FAIL? when we all know that TE has been the big problem Izzo unfortunately has not been what was expected. and that is what must be worked on NOW. How WR is hired. OF EXCELLENT QUALITY. HIRING A TE OF EXCELLENT QUALITY STOP FUCKING !!

  6. I wouldn't be a surprised if NE did trade w/ Miami. Miami's having a fire sale building draft capital. I dont see it as likely. Still need a solid O-Line tho so maybe get Benoch in the line up or push for a trade for O-line

  7. Sanu has 32 receptions on 40 targets that makes him very involved in the Falcons offense,I suppose the red zone targets go more to Jones,Ridley and Hooper but that doesn't mean he is someone the Falcons are looking to move.

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