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Bengaluru: ISRO half humanoid 'Vyommitra' to be positioned within the first unmanned mission beneath Gaganyaan | Gaganyaan Mission: ISRO to ship ladies robotic into area earlier than 'Gaganyaan', see first look – jj

Bengaluru: ISRO half humanoid 'Vyommitra' to be positioned within the first unmanned mission beneath Gaganyaan | Gaganyaan Mission: ISRO to ship ladies robotic into area earlier than 'Gaganyaan', see first look


new Delhi: ISRO is fully involved in its preparations for the Gaganyaan mission. By the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022, ISRO is leaving no stone unturned to succeed this mission. On the occasion of the inauguration of a 3-day seminar organized specifically for manned missions, ISRO chairman K Sivan said that all the necessary criteria for manned missions have been achieved. This is our ambitious mission so far ISRO has prepared entry system, recovery system, crew escape system and now we are working fast on life support system.

Training of Air Force Air Force selected for India will begin in Russia this month, but we are also taking cooperation from all the space agency of the world. ISRO will send a robot (humanoid model, which will look like a human) twice before sending it to a human mission. Which has been named 'Vyommitra'. ISRO's objective behind sending humanoid models is to steam up and dispose of any obstacle encountered during the human mission.

3 modules of humanoid rated M will be used to carry Gaganyaan. This GSLV will be slightly different from other GSLVs because it has to take care of the safety of the astronauts. This vehicle will have a crew escape system so that it can safely evacuate the astronauts in odd conditions. An intelligent health system will also be installed inside this vehicle, which will periodically provide information about the health of the vehicle, as well as to find any technical faults that do not disrupt the mission.

How will be Gaganayan
The orbiter model of Gaganyaan is where the astronauts will live. This model will be equipped with a variety of systems such as seating seats, display screens, life support systems, storage racks, para shoots, propulsion systems and sprint systems. It will also have a sub system with solar panel battery propulsion systems.

Escape crew system
The crew escape system is the most important part of any manned mission because it minimizes the risk of astronaut's life. The Gagan vehicle will have a crew escape system which will be used in odd conditions. In such a situation, the crew escape system will disassemble the Gagan vehicle so that it can land safely with the help of a para-shoot. It will be used both at the time and space of mission launch. The successful experiment of dealing with the situation at the time of launch, ISRO had succeeded in 2018 itself. ISRO can use this soon to deal with the situation in space.

Humanoid model
The humanoid model, which will be a human-looking robot, will be sent first. Which has been named 'Vyommitra'. Only half of its body will be sent, which will not have legs. The reason behind this is that there is no gravity in space, in such a situation, it cannot move in space. 'Viomitra' is capable of doing all the things that astronauts can do. The success of the unmanned mission will encourage ISRO that its efforts in the direction of human mission are right.

Eat in space
How will the passengers eat food in space and will they be able to eat hot food. This responsibility is with the DRDO's Defense Food Laboratory in Mysore, which arranges special packing to keep food in check. This food can be stored for over a year. Not only vegetarian but non-vegetarian food is also available. To heat the food, there will also be a heater with battery for it, so that two packets of food can be heated within 10 minutes.

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